544. Developing

Developing. All copies having a full exposure must be treated as such, developed slowly and considerably further than ordinary work would require. In order to avoid fog, and retain the snap throughout the development we advise using three or four drops of a 10% solution of Bromide to your normal developer. Mix well and proceed to develop in the usual manner. Remember that plates from copies should be carried at least one good shade farther in developing than regular work. Work very carefully and once you have made a good copy you will have a good key to guide you in your future work. Great care must be exercised when developing color-sensitive plates. Either cover your developing tray or develop away from the ruby-light. When examining the plate during development, do so as quickly as possible, as the plate is sensitive even to ruby-light, and will fog in a few seconds.

545. Remember, color-sensitive plates are extremely sensitive to all colors; keep them in the dark. These plates give the best results when developed in the formula accompanying them and should be handled in that way. The plates after developing should be fixed, washed and dried in the usual manner.