392. Lack Of Interest In Street Scenes

Lack Of Interest In Street Scenes. This difficulty is also very carefully handled in Chapter IX (Advanced Development Of Over-Timed Plates), Paragraphs 300 to 307. The most common error made by the average photographer is that he waits too long after appearing on the scene before making the exposure. You should not wait until the people who come in the angle of view have become aware of your presence, for as soon as they know they are being photographed they will immediately assume attitudes which are entirely unnatural and unfitting to the street scene that you are attempting to photograph. In case the subjects included in your picture space have become aware of your presence, you must resort to some sort of stratagem. For instance, you can proceed according to the directions given in Paragraph 306. The lighting has much to do with increasing the value of a street scene. Many times obtrusive and uninteresting features can be thrown in deep shadow, while the important and strong characteristics of the street scene may be in a strong light, which will, of itself, accentuate and bring out, in the strongest possible manner, the pleasing and valuable items which make the street scene an interesting one.