(Three Grades.)

Slow - Extra Fast - Non-Halation.

811. The product of years of chemical research, which have produced a plate that is sensitive to orange, yellow, green and the ordinary reds.

812. These plates have been much improved within the last year. Their color sensitiveness has been greatly increased.

813. The value of this special sensitiveness is very apparent. In view work, where there are clouds and colored foliage, or work embracing great distance, the finer details are retained. Draperies are reproduced in their true color values. Auburn hair will not be reproduced as though it were black. Freckles are less noticeable. Blue eyes will not be reproduced as almost white.

814. The day is not far distant when nearly all of the plates used will be color sensitive.

815. The Extra Fast Orthochromatic is slightly faster than the regular Extra Fast Plate.

816. The Non-Halation Orthochromatic combines all the advantages of a double-coated plate with those of the color sensitive plate, and is an exceptionally good plate.

817. The Slow Orthochromatic has a high degree of color sensitiveness, and we recommend it for use where time can be given.

818. In bright light a yellow screen is an advantage.

819. We make a Special Red sensitive Plate to order which is sensitive to the entire spectrum, and must be handled with great care; this plate is for three-color work.

Hammer's Special Extra Fast

820. There being a limited demand in exceptional cases for a plate that is still faster than our Extra Fast, we have placed this Special Plate on the market to meet this demand.

821. This plate is of special use during the dark winter months, and for objects where the shortest exposure possible must be given.

822. They are invaluable for flash-light exposures, extremely short snap-shot exposures, etc.

823. In the Hammer Special we retain the fine grain of the slower plates, even with this extreme rapidity.

824. In all ordinary cases our Regular Extra Fast Plate will be found rapid enough for all requirements, but we offer this Special Plate for special cases where nothing else will do.

Hammer's X-Ray Plates

825. In order to get the best results in this kind of work, it is necessary to have a specially prepared plate and a specially prepared developer.

826. Our X-Ray Plates (1/2 dozen in a box) are packed in envelopes made of chemically pure paper.

827. All plates must be kept well out of range of the X-Rays, or they will be ruined.

Hammer's (Dry Powder) X-Ray Developer

828. This preparation is for the development of Hammer X-Ray Plates that have received X-Ray exposures.

829. It works rather slowly, but allows shorter exposure of the plate and will give a negative of more intensity and without sacrifice of the shadows, than will a developer made by any other formula.

830. This developer should not be used for ordinary photographic plates.