86. Special Acetate Toning Bath

Special Acetate Toning Bath. Take 60 ounces of water, 1 ounce of the Gold Stock Solution No. 1, and add from 4 to 6 drams of a saturated solution of acetate of soda. This bath is intended to be used as soon as prepared, and as it will supply rich purple tones is recommended principally for commercial work. The bath should be used immediately upon preparing it.

87. Should the highlights in the first test print bleach before the shadows are toned, add more acetate of soda. If the toning proceeds too rapidly, dilute with water. If the bath works slowly, however, more gold must be added to the bath, always neutralizing the gold with acetate of soda before adding it, however.

88. The above bath is intended especially for small batches of prints, and should not be used when a great many prints are to be toned, for as the bath becomes a little used, the alkaline action of the acetate of soda grows stronger, and unless extreme care is exercised the tones will be uneven, flat and muddy.

89. Washing After Toning

Washing After Toning. Throw the prints from the toning bath into clear water, until all are toned; then wash in three changes of clear water, handling them over in each wash water.

90. Fixing Bath And Final Washing

Fixing Bath And Final Washing. The fixing and washing are exactly the same for all glossy papers, see Paragraphs 33-34.