No business man ever made a bigger mistake than he who attempts to sell an inferior article for a first-class price and imagines that "his customers don't know the difference." Now just size up this question from outside your own business: You can purchase a watch that "looks" gold for five dollars: you can obtain a derby hat for a dollar or a " Knox " for five dollars, or the clothing man will sell you a suit of clothes for anywhere from ten to seventy-five dollars. When they are new and in the dealer's hands, they all look pretty good, and pretty much alike - yet the cheaper ones don't fool you for a minute. The maker of the cheap product, from the very fact that it is cheap, has not the same respect for his wares as the maker of the first grade ones, and either consciously or unconsciously slights them somewhere in their makeup, and it doesn't take you very long to discover it either. If you go to the dealer and tell him that you want an inexpensive suit of clothes, you will accept its deficiencies, provided it is good value for the money, but if he tries to sell you a ten-dollar suit for twenty, you forever after regard him with suspicion - and if he does succeed once in "doing" you. it won't be very long till you find it out. and thenceforth you derive good satisfaction in turning all the trade away from him that you can. The maker of the spurious, may, first off, endeavor to finish his product so well that he can for a time give it a quality appearance, but sooner or later his knowledge of its unworthiness will lead him to slight it somewhere, and he fools neither his customers nor himself, and his business reputation passes into the discard.

"With a true "quality" product to work with, the manufacturer instinctively puts forth his best efforts, he cannot preserve his self respect and slight good material, and his finished wares continue to show greater and greater improvement and value, and if he persevere, the products with his imprint or trade mark are recognized as "best," to his everlasting satisfaction.

It is just this foundation of quality that has kept Aristo in the lead for twenty years. Perhaps not ten per cent, of your customers have known anything about Aristo or Aristo quality, but you have known it, and your very respect for its sterling qualities has compelled you to put forth your best efforts in every stage of picture making to make your finished product worth while.

If you do not have faith and confidence in everything that enters into the making of what you have to sell, sooner or later your standard of value is lowered and your business is not progressing, not standing still - but going backward.

Aristo is for the man who will succeed.