After the 1907 Kodak Advertising Competition was over and the judges had decided on where the money had to go, we had a still hunt. We had another one after the 1908 competition. These were still hunts among the rejected prints for other pictures that we could use for advertising, pictures that the judges had turned down as prize possibilities. We found them. Some of them we have used and shall use very extensively, perhaps in some cases more than we shall use prize winners. Yet the judges were right. They were looking for the best pictures as submitted. We were looking for the possibilities that might lurk in a negative. One of the best, if not the very best picture that we selected, was given but slight consideration by the judges. The print was bad - flat to muddiness. They had no alternative but to reject it. Later on we purchased the negative, coddled and jollied the printing along until we got a beautiful result. In another case there was no trimming where there should have been a lot. The judges were right in turning the work down. If the man who made the negative had used as much skill in printing and trimming as he did in making the negative, if he had worked as hard in trying to get something out of that negative as we did, he Mould probably have gotten several times as much money for it - would have landed a prize.

The successful competitors are the ones who combine ideas - advertising ideas - with good technical work. It must be work that will reproduce well, work that is snappy, vigorous. We may personally admire and delight in a soft low toned print. But those who have had experience know that to decently reproduce such a print on super-calendered paper from electrotypes that were made from a half-tone cut that Mas in turn made from that print, on presses that are running over 2000 impressions to the hour, is an impossibility.

Remember that the judges have this in mind when at their work, and that they will judge your negative by your print. Remember, too, that there are five prizes in the professional class: $500, $4.00, $250, $150 and $100.

If your haven't had a circular giving the terms we will mail one on request - or likely your dealer can supply you.