Say. that new suit of clothes I got to wear to the Convention ain't no good no more. I et so mutch that the pants is too small round an' too short up and down they wasn't any vest with the suit so I ain't out so mutch as I might be.

Me an' the Boss, an' Jimmie the printer - an' the bosses wife, we all gets to Rochester early Monday morning. Soon's we get off the train a man with a big button savin' on it "Ask me I live here" steps up an' says, "Where do you want to go?" "Senecky Hotel" says the Boss - "Right this way" says the man, an' in a few minutes we was there.

Says, that's some hotel; the Boss got me an' Jimmie a room together - an' Jimmie puts up a job on me with that shower bath thing. He says you want to get all slicked up before you go to the Convention Hall, so you jus' step in there an' take a shower bath - that was a new one on me, an' I says where, an' he shows me a funny lookin' thing with a rubber curtain to draw around you, he shows me two little wheels to turn the water on and off, so I gets in, an' pulls the curtain aroun' me, an' turns one of them little wheels - Oh! Wow! 'bout a million gallons of ice water comes down on me, so I grabs quick an' turns the little wheel the other way, an' then turns the other wheel an' mos' got scalded to death nix for mine, I took the rest of my bath in the stand up wash stand, as I know 'bout them.

Soon as we got some breakfast we starts for Convention Hall, jus' a couple of blocks away - thought we'd never get there at that, as the Boss kep' meetin' fellows, an' shakin' hands an' sayin' "Hello old man" an' introducin' his wife, an' bein' introduced to other fellows wives, an' askin' is Tom or Dick here - guess all of em wuz here as he seemed to know everybody.

An' when we gets in Convention Hall! Oh! Ge! most wish I hadn't promised to tell you about it.

All the first floor, an' the building is a whopper, wuz filled with slick little booths, with all sorts of photographic things in 'em. They wuz a lot of pictures downstairs, but Hul-ly Gee, you ot to see the pictures up stairs, miles and miles of 'em, the Boss had some up stairs - good ones too - one whole end an' way long one side wuz filled with pictures on Aristo (the Boss says that's the stuff), an' on Angelo, an' Nepe-ra, an' on a new one called Etching Black - they wuz always a crowd aroun' the pictures on this etching black, say its great, soon's we got home the Boss ordered two big rolls an' Jimmie says it's a cinch to work it.

From An Aristo Platino Print By C. F. Bretzman Indianapolis, Ind.

From An Aristo Platino Print By C. F. Bretzman Indianapolis, Ind.

They had a lot of things doin' every night, an' Thursday night - but wait till I get to that.

On Wednesday. I think it wuz, we all went to see 'em make lenses at Bausch & Lomb's - I tried to make a lens since we got home out of a couple of bottles - mos' cut my fingers off - taint so easy as it looks. Then we goes down to Kodak Park hones' to goodness, betcha we walked a hundred miles down there - in buildin's an' out of 'em, up stairs and down stairs - an' the chimley for the smoke to go up - betcha it's higher than the meetin' house steeple - a man says it wuz three hundred and sixty-six feet high, a foot for each day in the year an' a extra foot for a leap year. They showed you how they made plates an' paper, an' the paper boxes to put 'em in, an' they got a ole socker of a engine room, makes our town 'lectric light plant look like a watch charm.

They had a band playin' out on the lawn, an' things to eat, yep, chicken salad an' ice cream and cigars - dasent smoke tho', 'cause the Boss might ketch me he ketched me onct up in the printin' room an' he tole ma and ma tole pa - an' - you know.

An' Thursday night - that's the night I got in good - the Eastman Company invites us all to go down to a place called Ontario Beach Park - jes' like Coney Island, only the water is f r e s h. an' t h e waiters ain' t. They give us all a book with street car tickets in it - (sure, both ways), and a ticket for dinner an' tickets for all the doin's in the Park - eatin' that picnic dinner is what spoiled me for that new suit I tole you about. It rained good and plenty but that didn't make no difference to nobody, everybody wuz havin' too much fun to notice it - the boys give Frank Barrows - he's it in the association, a new vest, 'cause he wore his ole one out revisin' the constitution, so a man tole me, an' they put a new gold watch and chain in it so he could tell when his tank-developed negatives wuz done, an' Joxie Collings made a speech, an' Mr. Barrows he made one, an' Mr. Eastman he made one, only he didn't talk half long enough.

The Boss won a cane tossin' rings an' give it to me only I got so sleepy comin' home in the car that I lost it - the cane I mean.

Nex' afternoon Sandy Wilmot and Tot Townsend, they run the Defender and Seneca factories, invites us to another feed - it's a good thing I am young and helthy, after all them picnics and things.

Every minute the whole week they wuz somethin' doin' an' everybody wuz sayin' they wuz havin' the time of their lives, an' how glad they wuz to be alive. I guess I could write a whole lot more, only my head is kinda confused like yet with see-in' an' doin' so mutch.

P. S. - The Boss has gone fishin' - to re-cooperate I think he sed.