In comes Mrs. Jones, one of your best and wealthiest customers. "Oh, Mr. Smith! I am going to give a garden party for my little daughter next week, can't you come out or send some one to make some pictures?"

You smilingly give assent, and when the day of the party arrives you send Tom, your assistant, or go yourself to make the pictures. Now Mrs. Jones became your permanent customer because you gave her some pictures out of the ordinary. In this instance you can make a number of groups and single figure exposures, and let it go at that - but - if you could only show her some pictures of the children dancing the maypole dance or actively engaged in some of the games devised for their entertainment instead of the usual stereotyped pictures, your reputation for originality wouldn't suffer any. - And the amount of your bill might be quite a few dollars more.

You are pretty well acquainted with the High School and College boys, and one day young Thompson of the Track Committee calls you up: "Say, Mr. Smith, we're going to have some track events next Saturday and we want you to come out and make some pictures - all the fellows know you and don't feel so fussed up when you make the pictures."

Perhaps next day Brown over at the First National drops in - "Say, Smith, I've got the dandiest little three-year-old - good for two-ten any day, come on out to the park with me and make me a picture or so of her in action."

Your business is taking pictures in the studio? To be sure, yet you really don't want any of these good customers of yours to feel that you cannot or do not want to make these other pictures for them, as there is always a chance of their keeping on going to the other fellow if you let them get away from you even once.

The solution is a focal plane shutter.

But a Graflex camera costs a lot of money. Well now, who said anything about a Graflex camera? - that will come in time but until you have enough of this unusual sort of work in sight to warrant it, take the next best thing.

Have a Graflex Focal Plane Shutter fitted to your view camera, and you are ready for anything that comes along. Not so handy or convenient as the Graflex camera, but it will do the work, and give you the reputation for being ready for anything that comes along.

The Graflex Focal Plane Shutter lists as follows: 5 x 7, $24.00; 6 1/2 X 8 1/2, $27.00; 8 x 10, $31.00.