There have been a good many sessions of the Eastman School of Professional Photography, and we have yet to hear from the photographer who did not feel that his time was well spent in attending - and we have had a good many of the top notchers.

No two people think exactly alike, or do things in exactly the same way, and no matter how adept we may be in one or all branches of the profession, there is always some one who has worked out a short cut or discovered a method of doing things that are an improvement over our methods.

The lessons and teachings of the Eastman School are not the same year in and year out. The lecturers and demonstrators are just as eager to learn as to teach, and when some one shows or suggests a new stunt, method or device that looks good, it is, if it stands a practical test, incorporated in the lessons and passed along.

Our salesmen and demonstrators cover the country thoroughly, and they go about with eyes and ears open, as for their own good they must keep up to date: they hear and learn many things, and the good ideas they pick up are sent in to headquarters so that all may benefit by them.

Be thorough and keep a little ahead of date, is the slogan of the school. And so it will pay you to attend every time it is held in your territory. Keep yourself posted up to date by reading the School Bulletin published in each issue of Studio Light.

Up To Us

If we want to keep on selling you plates and papers, it is up to us to see that you obtain the best possible results with these products. But if we provide you with plates and papers that are perfect, and then fail to provide you with the correct formulas, for working these plates and papers, and with first-class chemicals with which to compound these formulas, who loses? That is the reason for our saying so much about tested chemicals. By sight, taste or smell you cannot tell pure chemicals from the impure. Neither can we, and neither can our expert chemists determine the quality by any of the means afforded the average man. To determine chemical quality and purity, special means must be provided, and at a cost only in reach of those who deal in large quantities. We have expert chemists, and the most modern and up to the minute laboratory equipment. Every chemical we use or sell must pass the severest tests for purity and quality, and this trade mark on the label is your and our mutual insurance. Best results are imperative for us and for you. We take no chances, neither should you.

From An Aristo Platino Print By Filson & Son Steubenville, Ohio.

From An Aristo Platino Print By Filson & Son Steubenville, Ohio.

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By Simple Means

We all of us hesitate a a little bit when it comes to intensifying a particularly choice negative by means of the ordinary bi-chloride of mercury process. There is always that chance of iridescent stains - the kind that "wont come off" - and likewise the chance of the negative going bad at no far distant day. There is little to be said in favor of the bi-chloride of mercury process, and the profession are according a warm welcome to the simple and sure process of re-development.

This method is only comparatively new. but the now common use of Royal Re-developer for sepia tones on Nepera and Bromide prints has made the process well known and has placed the necessary materials in the hands of every photographer.

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Showing Effect Of Re-Development

Royal Re-developer may be used for the intensification of negatives in exactly the same manner as for producing sepia tones on developing paper.

Negatives intensified by means of Royal Re-developer lose absolutely nothing in the way of permanence, run no risks from stains or granular markings, and build up evenly and without undue contrast.

The advantage of being able to use the chemicals for two different purposes is obvious, and the results in either case are all that could be desired.

Keep a copy of Canadian Card Co.'s catalogue handy - there is a profit suggestion in every page.

From An Aristo Platino Print By Filson & Son Sleubenvillc, Ohio.

From An Aristo Platino Print By Filson & Son Sleubenvillc, Ohio.