We got a new reception room girl. Miss Higgins she got married to a man las' month an' the Boss had to get a new one.

Nope, she aint so much on looks, but she just sorta fits into things - nope, she don't wear no pompadour an' she dresses quiet like, an' her clothes don't scrap with any of the ladies' clothes wot comes in.

She sure knows her business though - if anybody comes in that looks like ready money they don't get off with any four dollars for a dozen cabs, either. She works a little game somethin' like this - she never lets anyone stand up and paw over a lot of samples, she gets 'em off in a corner in a nice comfortable chair, an' then comes back with four or five prints, some of the bosses real classy stuff, about twenty-five per,an' she says, "here's some nice things the Boss (only she don't call him that) made las' week of Missus Perkins - yes, the wife of Mr. Perkins the President of the Bank - yes, she's very particular you know - has lots of pictures made here - yes - that's the very latest style the-Boss jus' got from New York.

Urn - I wish you would have a sitting made full length, you are so well proportioned - and do have a profile made - it isn't often we get a face like yours - so well suited.

An' she don't handle any two of 'em alike - sizes 'em up first, some of 'em she lets do all the talking, an' others she jus' carries along - sort of draws 'em out till she gets a good fat order booked.

If she finds out she's been showing 'em something too high priced - she don't say anythin' about anythin' cheaper - nix - she goes at it like this.

"Oh, yes, I mos' forgot to show you this style, catchy, isn't it - yes, the pictures are smaller, but the effect is really the same, an' this folder gives it such an artistic finish - an' you are saving quite a bit - yes - ten dollars a dozen. Will to-morrow at ten-thirty suit you? Good morning."

Secon' day she was here she sorts all the sample prints - and then gets out Taprell's catalogue then she asks the finishing room man to come in a minute - an' asks him has he any more mounts like those - he says " Nope" - and then she says," I see Taprell don' make these any more, and if Ave aint got any more of 'em, our samples ought to be mounted on mounts we can supply." "Sure," he says, and he says to me that noon, "she's an up-to-dater, aint she?"

She sure takes an interest in the business - she wont let me come around 'less my shoes are shined an' my face clean - Gee, it's wonderful wot a influence a woman can have with us men.

All Aboard.

All Aboard.

Write the organizer in your territory.

Special parties to attend the National Convention July 19th to 24th, 1909 are being organized by the following:

Robey-French Co., Boston, Mass.

C. F. Becker, 235, West 23rd St., New York City

John Haworth Company, Philadelphia, Pa.

Sweet, Wallach & Co., Chicago, 111.

W. Schiller & Co., St. Louis, Mo.

St. Louis-Hyatt Photo Supply Co., St. Louis, Mo.

Zimmerman Bros., St. Paul, Minn.

O. H. Peck Company, Minneapolis, Minn. Or Rochester For full information and reservations