In the May issue we described the Changing Table and Negative Dryer, in use in our model studio. This article elicited much favorable comment and a demand for further information along the same lines.

On the opposite page we illustrate the Developing Sink that two years constant use has demonstrated to be most practical and convenient. It will be noticed that every bit of space has been utilized to good advantage, and that its proportions can readily be modified to fit any room. The hypo bin and chemical cupboard do not extend to the floor, thus protecting the contents from dampness. The hypo bin swings outward and down from the top, so that its contents may be easily transferred without spilling and is a vast improvement over the dangerous open keg or barrel. The chemical cupboard is fitted with sliding doors, insuring against barked shins, should a door inadvertently be left open. The disappearing shelves for mixing chemicals are always ready for use when needed, and out of the way when not in use. Underneath the tray rack is a removable trough for collecting any drip, this not only helps to keep the dark room floor dry, but protects the plates from any chemical dust arising from solutions drying on the floor. The white incandescent lamps for illuminating the dark room, and the lamps in the developing lights are connected with a " two way " switch, so that throwing the handle over extinguishes one and lights the other. The white lights are placed directly over the washing boxes so that the plates may be readily seen and scratches and finger marks avoided. These lights are also placed sufficiently high to illuminate the fixing boxes as well. The developing lights are fitted with three movable sashes, one fitted with ground glass, one with ruby, and the outer frame with orange glass. The outer frame also carries a sheet metal hood for throwing the light down upon the developing tray, and making it easy to move the tray out of the range of light. The sliding sashes carrying the orange and ruby glasses are raised and lowered by means of cords passing over small pulleys at the top, and the ruby glass sash is provided with a lock, to prevent its being accidentally raised when exposed plates are in range of the light. The ground glass sash may be raised by hand when necessary. The shelf between the developing lamps is the only shelf in the room, and provides a place for bottles of stock developer solutions. Underneath the shelf is a rack for graduates, the rack holds the graduates firmly and affords perfect drainage, and is much better than the long pegs sometimes used to slip the graduate over, as nothing comes in contact with the inside of the graduate. The two end taps provide cold water, and the center one hot water, and are placed at a sufficient distance apart to avoid accidents. The brackets supporting the white incandescent lamps could be made with tops sufficiently large to support electric fans for cooling and ventilating in hot weather.

Developing Sink   Dark Room.

Developing Sink - Dark Room.

The diagram is largely self explanatory, and we trust this brief description will be of service to any of the fraternity desiring to remodel or build a dark room.

June. Our Illustrations

Filson & Son of Steu-benville, Ohio, have kindly supplied the illustrations for this issue.

The Filson Studio is finely appointed and enjoys a steadily increasing patronage.

Quality first, last and all the time has made the Filson reputation, and the fact that Aristo is used almost exclusively demonstrates that with them quality means quality.

A Double Header

Nepera Waxing Solution, as a medium for adding lustre and helping out detail on sepia prints, has made a hit, and in addition we have received several letters from the profession recommending it as a negative varnish and as a retouching medium. Our experiments demonstrate its adaptability for these purposes and we are very glad to pass the information along.


July 19-24.