"Frankie." said Mr. Collings. addressing Mr. Barrows when there was something like silence, "I want to remind you that this is the tenth anniversary of your election. If I were to recall all the things that have happened during that time you would bawl, I would bawl and I wouldn't be able to perform the duty which has been entrusted to me.

"I am going to take your coat off*. I see your vest is soiled. Well, the boys have bought you a nice new one. Here, put this on (forcing Mr. Barrows' arms through the armholes in the garment.) I think you will like it better, and there is a watch in one of the pockets that you may find convenient at times, Frankie.

"After we got the vest we had a little money left and we got the watch. Then we found a little more money left and we got a chain. There was still some more left over, and we decided to have a drink. When we ordered the drink we found that none of us drank anything stronger than buttermilk, and there was three cents left after each of the five had his milk, so I will put the three cents in this vest pocket. Again. we thought you might be embarrassed after you were given this little present and Ave bought a box of cigars so that if you lacked Avoids to express yourself you could distribute the smokes. Now that is all, Frankie."

"I want to assure you, ladies and gentlemen, that I value this token very highly." said Mr. Barrows when he had recovered sufficiently from the surprise. "I shall take this token back home. If you feel toward me as I feel toward you we shall live together in eternity."

There was a demonstration by the guests, who drowned the music with their cheers and handclapping. The dark clouds, the rain trickling through sagging spots in the canvas and the equally disagreeable weather were forgotten.

When the dinner ended there were cheers for Mr. Eastman and those active in the arrangements for the entertainment. The cheers were followed by calls for a speech from Mr. Eastman, and the calls became so insistent that he was helped upon the table, where he spoke with characteristic brevity.

"In behalf of my fellow directors and myself," said Mr. Eastman, "I wish to thank you for your greeting and for your presence here. We think it is a great compliment that so many of you have come here for the convention. 1 thank you again."

At the conclusion of the dinner the visitors devoted the remainder of the evening to visiting the various concessions and dancing, tickets to all of which had been supplied by their host, the Eastman Kodak Company.

On Friday afternoon the Defender Photo Supply Co., and the Seneca Camera Co., joined forces in entertaining the visitors with a Roastfest at Moerlbach Park where the visitors were royally entertained.

Friday evening provided another very pleasant entertainment at Assembly Hall, the members enjoying themselves heartily with dancing and renewing old friendships and cementing new ones.

Saturday morning witnessed the last regular session of the convention, with a remarkably large attendance for the last day.

The close of the Convention and its long round of duties and pleasures found the members still interested and enthusiastic over the most successful convention in the history of the P. A. of A.

How could Atlantic City win ':   Rochester Herald.

How could Atlantic City win ': - Rochester Herald.

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