Milwaukee, a convention city, having the finest auditorium (in this or any other country) for convention purposes, will outdo herself in entertaining the photographers who will assemble there on July 12th to hold the thirtieth annual meeting of this Association.

Four of the nearby Associations (Wisconsin, the Northwestern, Illinois and Indiana) have abandoned their yearly meetings to meet with the National, which will insure a large attendance.

The School of Photography will be bigger and better than ever this year, and finished results will be shown on Friday, the last day of the meeting. Mr. Ryland W. Phillips of Philadelphia, Dudley Hoyt of New York, and W. S. Ellis of Philadelphia, the man who won the $500 Eastman prize, will constitute the

school working by daylight, which will be in session each afternoon.

Mr. M. J. Steffens of Chicago will show what can be accomplished by artificial light, using a light he has perfected. He will have a duplicate of his studies on the stage at the meeting, with his help and apparatus, and will make pictures from start to finish, the same as he does in his studio. He will be assisted by Frank Scott Clark of Detroit, Strauss of St. Louis, and other leading lights.

A lecture showing how backgrounds are put in on the negative - The Association has, at a great expense, provided a special apparatus to give this lecture which shows on a screen the work as it is being done by the artist on the negative.

An art lecture by Geo. W. Stevens, Director of Toledo Museum of Art, also president of American Federation of Photographic Societies - Mr. Stevens is a deep student of art, who is in thorough sympathy with the photographers and will give us some new views along original lines.

A lecture by Ryland W. Phillips of Philadelphia on "Constructive Criticism" - Mr. Phillips will select from the exhibition the best pictures of the exhibition and show reproductions of same on a screen, telling why they are superior. He will also show a great number that are not so good

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From An Artura Iris Print

By Baker Art Gallery Columbus, Ohio and will show alongside of the original a reconstructed portrait which he has manipulated on the plate into a real picture.. This lecture will be the most useful and instructive one ever given at any meeting.

A lecture by Mr. A. F. Sheldon, president and founder of the Sheldon School of Scientific Salesmanship, will be one of the best lectures on salesmanship ever delivered. Critics who have heard this wonderful speaker pronounce him the best there is in America on this subject.

A lecture by J. C. Abel on " Modern Publicity or the Use of Printer's Ink to Increase Business."

The one hundred dollar prize for the best invention, process, apparatus or appliance pertaining to photography will be worth your while to investigate. This will bring out a great number of new and extremely useful things for photographers to see.

The Congress of Photography will meet for its second session, when the most useful subjects pertaining to the profession will be discussed.

The Ladies Auxiliary will have their art critic and lecturer, and this and their exhibit will be a great feature for this year's meeting. Up to the present time the cream of the profession have promised to contribute three pictures each, which insures in point of quality the best exhibition of fine photography ever assembled in America.

The board will feature the hanging and arranging of the pictures this year. Every picture will be hung in a line, and as we have a regular art gallery softly lighted from above we can promise every exhibitor an equal show of lighting.