After six months of pleading for a special rate, by the board, the best the railroads would offer was fare and one-third if one thousand certificates could be procured. The board could not guarantee this, as only five hundred were secured last year at Rochester, and it was the largest attended meeting in the history of the Association. Members are advised to take advantage of a summer tourists rate to several points near Milwaukee. One of these resorts is Waukesha. There are several others, and by courtesy of your railroad agent you can acquaint yourself fully with the places where the rate is in effect from June 1st to October.


Rooms without bath, $2.00 and up Rooms with bath 2.50 and up


Roomsu without bath, $1 ..50 to $4.50 Rooms with bath 2.50 and up


Rooms without bath, A. plan, $2.50

and up Rooms without bath, E. plan, $1.00

and up Rooms with bath, A. plan, $3.00

and up Rooms with bath, E. plan, $2.00

and up


Rooms without bath, $1.00 and up Rooms with bath . 1.50 and up


European plan . . $1.00 and up


European plan . . $1.00 and up


Rooms, E. plan $1.00 and $1.50 Rooms with bath, $1.50, $2.00 and $3.00 Two in room, one-half rate extra.

ST. CHARLES HOTEL Rooms, A. plan, $2.25 single, $2.00

double Rooms with bath, A. plan, $3.00

single, $2.75 double


European plan $1.00 and up American plan - 2.25 and up

The following well-known photographers have promised President Proctor verbally and by letter that they would send three pictures to the Milwaukee meeting, July 11th:

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Railroad Rates StudioLightMagazine1910 74

FROM AN ARTURA IRIS PRINT By Baker Art Gallery Columbus, Ohio

Railroad Rates StudioLightMagazine1910 75

FROM AN ARTURA IRIS PRINT By Baker Art Gallery Columbus, Ohio

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A. T. Proctor, President.