After the prints have been thoroughly washed they are placed in an alum bath of moderate strength for ten minutes to harden them for this method. After removal from the alum bath they are drained and the surface moisture blotted from them. Our method of flat drying is as follows:

Upon a sheet of white blotting paper 24 inches wide and 10 feet in length is placed a piece of cheese cloth of the same size. The prints to be dried are laid face down upon the cheese cloth and covered with another sheet of white blotting paper. (We can supply blotting paper in this size for twenty - five cents per sheet.) The prints are now rolled up in the blotting paper so as to bring the emulsion side of the print out, the roll being secured by means of a tape to prevent it unrolling while drying. When so prepared the rolls are placed in the drying oven heated to a temperature of about 200 degrees Fahr. It is absolutely necessary to keep the temperature of the oven at 190 degrees or over to prevent the prints from curling after removal from the oven. The drying ovens used by us measure 17 by 25 inches and have a depth of 35 inches. As shown in illustrations Nos. 3 and 4 they may be heated by either gas or steam coils. Illustration No. 3 shows the method of heating by gas and the construction of the bottom of the oven. It has been found necessary to place an asbestos board over the gas flame to diffuse the heat, as a direct flame is apt to scorch the prints. Illustration No. 4 shows the arrangement of coils for heating by steam, the oven having been removed to show the construction. At the before-mentioned temper-

For The Home Portraiture Man Continued StudioLightMagazine1910 9

No. 3 - Print Drying Oven

For The Home Portraiture Man Continued StudioLightMagazine1910 10

No. 4 - Oven with Steam Coils

ature the prints will dry in these ovens in about one hour. Illustration No. 5 shows the slight outward curl of the prints when properly dried in the oven.

We trust that the foregoing description of these devices and methods as employed by us will prove of value to the profession and we will be pleased to afford any further information to those interested.

For The Home Portraiture Man Continued StudioLightMagazine1910 11

No. 5 - Showing Backward Curl of Oven Dried Prints

Our Advertising Cut Service is helping many studios to more business. It can help you.

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1909 Kodak Advertising Contest Fourth Prize - Professional Class By Bruguiere & Eisen

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1909 Kodak Advertising Contest Fifth Prize - Professional Class By S. H. Lifshey

After The Rush By The Office Boy

Gee but I'm glad it's over. Christmas time's no snap in our studio (exception what you get for Christmas - I'm writing' this with my new fountain pen the Boss give me - the Boss wife give me safety razor, and my best girl give me one of them knitted neck ties.) The Boss says you got to make hay while the sun shines, an if it don't shine you got to make it anyway. He's been unis them Studio Light advertising' cuts right along - they done a lot of good too as I see folks coin in with cut out of the paper so's they would be sure to come to the right place - sure! men as well as swimmer.

Sun’s the Boss heard of them Tarbell Loom-is leather things he wires in a order and puts some in his downstairs show case, with both fellers an' girls pictures in with little cards reading' "For Him" an' "For Her," an' then another with "Delivery of Christmas Orders Guaranteed." That last sign cost me a extra pair of shoes but we got there.

The only trouble with the Boss is we don't get no time to get rested up after rushes - he starts right in getting' ready for the next' one, an' lots of times he fools us by working' up a extra rush, when things ought to be quiet like. The Boss says that if you are goon' to be extra busy you have

got to have things to turn out the extra, work with and he's got all the things to do it with - A Aries-to Lamp and Printing Cabinet, a Century Printer, a Former and Schwinn enlarging outfit and we've had the Eastman Plate Tanks so long that we mos' forget about the dark room - maybe you think them plate tanks wasn’t life savers during' Christmas. The Boss is goon to try them Taproom Looms advertising' albums - he's got a great scheme - but I'll tell you about that exit time.