By Howard D. Beach Buffalo, N. Y.

Some months ago in these columns we began a campaign which we knew would bring business into the studio and it has.

This campaign was one of advertising photographs much as merchants advertise their goods, and photographers who have taken the tip and tried it report that letting the people know that there are such things as photographs for sale at a certain location doesn't do a bit of harm.

The people who are reached and are at all disposed to buy photographs will surely go to the studio which does the advertising, as the name and location of that particular studio are impressed on the mind at the time the advertisement is read.

Then another thing; when a photographer has confidence enough in his pictures to advertise them - to step out into the lime-light and attract the public eye, he imparts that feeling of confidence to the public and his studio is the one sought out by those who decide to buy.

Now granting that advertising pays, the next thing to consider is the medium to be used. There have been many methods of advertising discussed at conventions and in photographic magazines, some of which are exceptionally good and some not so good.

It is not necessary to advise what not to do if you listen to only our advice, but as advice is coming from so many quarters there are some things we wish specially to mention as a doubtful method of advertising or getting business.

The house to house canvass is not good as it has been spoiled by the unreliable canvasser who misrepresents facts to complete his sale.

The circular or dodger game has been overdone and they have become an unread nuisance.

Recently photographic magazines have devoted more space than usual to methods of advertising photographs. One method which we call to mind was what might be called the beauty contest.

The idea is to start a contest or rather two contests. Announcement is made of the proposed contests which are to end on a certain date. One contest is for babies, the other for young women. Three prizes are to be awarded in each contest.

Sittings are made free and at the end of the time specified the pictures are to be judged by a committee of local artists and the prizes are to be awarded to the three best looking babies and the three best looking ladies.

Now after the contest is over you have a fine lot of negatives and you anticipate orders from nearly all who have entered the contest.

The scheme might work if we had to deal with anything but the human face.

Can you imagine a mother ordering pictures of her - the only - baby after three other babies have been judged better looking, or a young lady buying pictures of herself which have been condemned before she is expected to order ?

The probable result would be six orders from the six prize winners and a host of disappointed mothers and maidens who will go to another studio with their picture troubles to get something that they think is right - to say nothing of your wasted work and dry plates.

When considering any advertising that is new and novel a good rule to follow is to place yourself in the customer's position and then look well at the proposition from all sides, considering the ifs and ands.The medium accepted by successful merchants depending for support on local trade is the newspaper.

There is a difference of opinion as to the relative merit of the morning and evening paper, but there is no difference of opinion as to the value of the newspaper as a means of reaching the local people. We ourselves are of the opinion that an evening paper is the better, as it is read at leisure and at a time when photographs can and will be considered and discussed.

Advertisements to pull must be attractive and to enable you to make your ads attractive we assist you with our advertising cut service.

This service spares you the trouble of originating and the expense of the drawing and at the same time you have the exclusive use of the cut in your town.

Get the idea out of your head that advertising is an expense, because it isn't. This has been so conclusively proven that there is no room for argument. The first move - taking space in a newspaper - is an expense, but the increase in profits takes care of that and leaves you a balance on the right side of the ledger.Continuous advertising is the kind that pays. Attractive advertisements appearing often are bound to pay if you are prepared to produce pictures of good, honest quality.

If you cannot produce good pictures your advertising will not pay, as too many of the people attracted by the advertisements will decide not to buy after looking over the samples in the reception room.

The secret of success in business is - intelligent advertising backed by goods of merit.

Now just a few words in regard to newspaper advertising in the larger cities. If you are located in the downtown district you will get the full benefit of newspaper advertising, because everybody goes down town. If you are located in a section of the city far removed from the business center you can expect only the patronage of people living in that section. Advertising rates are based on circulation and if you pay for the entire circulation of a big city daily when only a small percentage of the readers are people who are apt to be in the neighborhood of your studio you are buying advertising at a loss.