One of the Bosses wimmen customers came in the other day and she sure was het up.

She didn't like her pitchers an' her talkin' sounded jus' like the Bosses four cylinder when he opens up the muffler an' lets the engin' race.

I started to beat it for the fire escape, an' took one look to see if the Boss wuz followin'. Nix on the follow for the Boss, he was jus' as cam as if some one had slipped him two gran' stan' seats for the ball game.

He just smiles like and says Madam, have a chair, "an' then he don't say nothin'.

The customer she sure does have a full jeweled, adjusted to heat, cold, an' position talkin' apparatus, but about the time she gets back to the Spanish war,she begins to skip occasional an' run down.

When she wuz all out of gasoline, the Boss opens up soft and easy like, and pretty soon he had her going, and when he wuz through she kept the pictures an' paid for 'em and said she wuz going to bring her sister down next day to have some took.

The Boss says when a woman wants to talk, let her.The Boss is one of them quiet like fellers, he don't say a heap, but he sure can size folks an' things up - he says to me one day, Jimmie, it took me twenty years to learn to say 'No,' " - that's the time he got in on me, for I wuz jus' goin' to strike him for a raise - but I find that them chaps that can say No," can say Yes" just as easy when they want to, only they got to want to.

The Boss don't get into no arguments, and he can settle a fuss quicker than scat, an' when he calls you down, anyone looking would think he wuz just talking, for he keeps his quiet like smile working, but he gets the stinger in just the same, an' you know you've been called all right, an' you ain't looking for no repeats neither.

The Boss says there sure is at least two sides to every story, an' that it pays to listen to all of 'em before lighting the fuse.

When a batch of paper don't work just right, he don' rake the printer or write sassy letters to the factory, but he jus' digs in, an' fin's mos' usually that he can fix it O. K.

The Boss says, don' be hasty when you're handling hot things; take time to put on gloves, or wait for 'em to cool off.