The most short-sighted man on earth is the one who lets the nickel of to-day stand in the way of the dollar of to-morrow.

He has different ways of spoiling his eyesight. The surest way is when he succumbs to the blandishments of the man who sells the just-as-good-chemicals.

We claim no tight board fence around the world's supply of pure chemicals. But we do claim the most perfect system in existence for the delivering of properly put up and properly tested chemicals to you in shape to use. The paper bag method of buying such goods has only one recommendation - the poorest recommendation in the world - it's cheap. There's just one right way of buying chemicals - in sealed packages. Where there's a possibility of damage to the chemicals from the air we put ours in hermetically sealed packages.

We know that they are right by test - that they Jit the formulas with which they are intended to be used. It costs money to make such tests; it costs money to use so much care in putting up the goods, but it's worth money to you, and therefore to us.

With us, "tested chemicals" means proper strength - means right by the chemical standard, means perfect according to the published photographic formulae. As a rule, our chemicals are stronger than those of other makes, though not necessarily so. They are tested for the proper strength. Suppose the standard of a certain chemical is 80% pure, and of this chemical a certain number of grains be required for a certain amount of solution. The photographer is as likely to have trouble from a too strong as from a too weak solution. If his chemical is 90% pure, he's as likely to have trouble as though it was only 70%. When he gets ours he gets standard - his solution is neither too weak nor too strong. Our chemicals are tested both scientifically and photographically.

Again. Take sulphate for instance. If not properly protected, it becomes sulphate. When we put it up we test it to find that no such change has taken place - then we so seal it that it is sure of reaching the customer as sulphate - and in the customer's hands it performs the proper function.

Because the difference between the most as good and the genuinely good is not quite so apparent in chemicals as in some other things, don't think that there is any possibility of the good goods being displaced by the cut price stuff.

For the sake of improving the results obtained on our plates and papers (for the perhaps selfish reason that we expect to thereby sell more plates and papers), we are taking extraordinary measures to supply our customers with exactly the proper chemicals. This chemical trade is growing. It is going to continue growing. We shall maintain our standard and keep on hammering the tested chemicals idea.

You can improve the general average of your results, can decrease the number of wasted plates and wasted sheets of paper and thereby increase your profits by using the chemicals that bear this mark:

The New Good Paper for New Good Business