When the photographs are delivered and the full amount is paid, the account is balanced and the card is taken from the desk box and filed in the Transfer Box, where it remains as a permanent card index of your customers and negatives. In case the amount due is to be charged, the reverse side of the card, ruled as a ledger account, is to be used, and the card remains in the Desk Box until the account is settled, after which it is, of course, to be removed to the Transfer Box.

In case of duplicates being ordered at any time, it is only necessary to remove the card from the Transfer Box and place it again in the Desk Box, making the proper entry in the space provided for same on the lower left hand corner of the card. The card is then handled in the same manner as an original entry.

By this simple system, all unfinished business, and all unpaid accounts, are before you all the time, in the little Desk Box, which is to be placed in your safe over night and returned to your desk in the morning.

The Eastman Studio System is the simplest, most practical and most economical system ever devised for the correct keeping of studio accounts.

The Price

Eastman Studio Register System complete, including quartered oak Desk Box, quartered oak Transfer Case (holding twelve hundred cards), two full sets of alphabetical guide cards (date guide cards, one full set), monthly guide cards, and appointment guide card, and three hundred special ruled register and ledger account cards, $5.00

Extra Transfer Box, with alphabetical guide cards …............................ $2.25

Register and Ledger cards, per 1000 …....................... $5.00

Do., per 100 ... .60

For sale by all dealers. Order the set to-day.

THE Eastman School of Professional Photography will help you to make better pictures, and better pictures bring better prices. For partial list of advance dates see page 23.

The Price StudioLightMagazine1910 128


Demonstration Negative Eastman School Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Only Condition StudioLightMagazine1910 130

We will Please You :

If you have a certain pose or picture in mind, we will execute it for you or - just leave it to us. We produce the latest and best styles in photographic portraiture.

Our line of sample photographs will convince you of the quality we put into our work. Come in and look them over.


No. 157. Price, 30 cents.


Kansas City, Mo.................Aug. 30, 31, Sept. 1

St. Louis, Mo. ................. Sept. 6, 7, 8

Indianapolis, Ind..................Sept. 13, 14, 15

Columbus, O.................Sept. 20, 21, 22

Pittsburg, Pa.................Sept. 27, 28, 29

Rochester, N. Y.................. Oct. 4, 5, 6

Detroit, Mich.................. Oct. 11, 12, 13

Peoria, Ill..................Oct. 18, 19, 20

Louisville, Ky. .................Oct. 25, 26, 27

Aristo Motto

The Only Condition StudioLightMagazine1910 131


By Louis E. Allen Rochester, N. Y.

The Only Condition StudioLightMagazine1910 133


Established 1901 THE ARTURA BULLETIN

Established 1906

Vol. 2 OCTOBER 1910 No. 8

The photographer who uses reliable materials finds himself free to put his energy and ability into making good pictures, instead of wasting much of it in searching for the right way to use the wrong materials.

Eastman Permanent Crystal Pyro is fast making permanent friends. Try a pound or half pound bottle and you will be quick to appreciate the advantages of this crystal form of pyro in which the acid preservative is incorporated.

Our new platinum paper - Eastman Etching Sepia, produces prints of delicacy - prints of proper color, having a beautiful warmth and texture. Etching Sepia is a pure platinum paper, coated on delicate buif stock in two surfaces - smooth and rough. If you haven't tried it, order some from your dealer and let it prove to you its superiority. You will like it.

When the light is good, fast plates are desirable. When the light is poor, fast plates are a necessity. Seed "Gilt Edge" 27 are fast plates and will help you in the short dark days to come. Place them on the list for your next order.

The convention season is nearly over and the 1910 returns again show the universal preference given to Eastman goods. This is an undeniable indication of their reliability and superior quality, and we are pleased to know that our efforts in supplying the best materials that can be produced, are appreciated.

Now that the Fall business is coming in, don't stop advertising. Keep on suggesting to people that they should be photographed. Keep your name before the people. If you are in a town of medium size, the newspaper is probably the best method of doing this, and our cut service will help you. See page 22.


Dear Mr. Editor:

It's flattering, but tiresome.

The noisome noise; the argument-less argumentation; the claim-less claims - let's stop, look and listen - as the railroad sign says.

Not satisfied at calling their product as good as Artura," not satisfied with copying for their amateur use the Velox manual and for professional use the Artura manual, the Am.-Pro. paper people are, to the amusement of the wise, making a most unseemly to do'' over their (?) NEW Sepia Process.

Here is their formula:

Water (boiling).....1 gallon

Hyposulphite of Soda …............... 16 ounces Alum.........4 ounces

Dissolve in order given and stir solution while adding the alum. After cooling add a solution prepared as follows :

Nitrate of silver (crystals) …........... 40 grains

Salt.........40 grains

Water........ .. 1 ounce

And here is an old Artura formula:

Boiling water (distilled or rainwater) .........128 ozs.

Hypo......... 16 ozs.

Alum ......... 4 ozs.

After bath has cooled, mix separately and add:

Water......... 1 oz.

Nitrate of Silver Crystals60 grs. Salt.......... 60 grs.

New? There were directions for a hypo-alum bath for Eastman papers way back in the last century. No, there was nothing said of nitrate of silver and salt, but there were suggestions of putting some worthless paper into the bath to ripen it and prevent bleach-

ing, if necessary. And that is just what the Artura company was after, the prevention of bleaching, when it recommended the nitrate of silver and salt. They put it in direct in exact quantities, instead of depending on waste paper - a sensible idea. They took your idea perhaps and improved on it. But they did not put in a claim of NEW!!

For one, I don't like advertising that is based on the idea that photographers are so lacking in information about their business that all sorts of mis-statements can be put over'' without their seeing through them. Most of us didn't fall off a Christmas tree last year.

But perhaps I should be more charitable, for when one hasn't anything really new one must, I suppose, say something, else one will be believed to be dead Stereoscope.