The growing demand for E. B. Platinum, now coated on buff stock, and the numerous re-quests from prominent photographers to make in sepia, a platinum paper equally good, has resulted in the production of Eastman Etching Sepia, our new sepia platinum paper, which will be ready for general distribution about September 15th.

Discriminating patrons - patrons who are particular to the extreme and wish exclusiveness in their portraits - something different - have accepted E. B. Platinum on sight, and for that reason, it meets the requirements of the photographer catering to that class of patrons. These same patrons will be as quick to accept Eastman Etching Sepia portraits, as the same rich, velvety printing quality and beautiful gradation will be apparent.

Eastman Etching Sepia is coated on a delicate buff stock of just the proper color to harmonize with the sepia tone, and is furnished in two surfaces - smooth and rough.

Etching Sepia will be sold at the same price as Etching Black, and after September 15th, may be obtained through your dealer.

To professional photographers who wish to give it an advance trial, we will send a sample on request. Remember the name - Eastman Etching Sepia.

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Demonstration Negative Eastman School St. Paul, Minnesota

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Demonstration Negative Eastman School Atlanta, Georgia

Every business, large or small, to exist for any length of time must have system - some kind of a system on which to operate. In some cases, only a semblance of system is found - just enough to keep things going, and in such cases ere is naturally much waste, meaning lost profits, which the business, if properly handled, would have earned. In other words, a business run with no more than enough system to make it survive is capable of producing more profits than the cash balance at the close of each day's business shows.

In other cases, there is too much system, and where such a condition is found, there is also waste and lost motion, due to excess of energy devoted to operating the system. A complicated system is expensive, as it takes too much time and attention to keep it running smoothly.

Every industry is made up of at least two entirely different divisions - the manufacturing or producing division and the office or bookkeeping division. Neither one could exist without the other.

Now to apply these few general remarks to the photographic studio. The industry in this case is the production of photographs, and whether the production be large or small, the need of system remains.System in the workrooms is economy of time and material. Everything that tends to produce better results or to eliminate waste of time, or to increase ease and convenience in the production of the finished photograph should be adopted. That's common sense.

System in the office is what makes the efforts toward system in the workroom count. No amount of system in the actual making of the pictures will be of of avail unless the accounts are handled systematically. That is also common sense.

We will not touch upon the details of system in the workroom. Many articles along that line have appeared in photographic literature, and it is next to impossible to lay down any one set of rules that will apply in all cases.

Not so, however, with office system. One system which is devised with special reference to system in the office of a photographic studio will apply in any studio, and the system we now call to your attention is one that has been devised and perfected only after much thought along special lines - lines directly applicable to the handling of studio accounts.

This system is the Eastman Studio Register System. The first thing to be considered is efficiency, and the Eastman Studio Register System is efficient. It takes care of every transaction, from the making of the appointment to the settlement of the account. The second thing to be considered is simplicity and convenience. Here again the Eastman Studio Register System is fully as desirable

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Desk Box

System brings success and the Eastman Studio Register System is system in a nutshell.

It is a complete and practical card index system for the correct keeping of studio accounts.

Only one card for the complete transaction, whether cash or credit.

Card systems have proved their value and adaptability in every line of business - unlike the book systems of accounting, the card system automatically discharges itself of all dead matter, and thus has an endless capacity. The Eastman Studio

Register System for the handling of studio accounts has been devised and perfected by practical experts and will meet every requirement of the modern studio.

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Transfer Box

As shown in the above illustrations, the outfit consists of a polished oak Desk Box and Transfer Box, each equipped with alphabetical guide cards, with special ruled register cards.


One card is used for every customer, and the complete record of the transaction is kept on this one card. This card remains in the desk box until the transaction is closed, whether it be cash or credit. At the time the appointment for the sitting is made, the name and address of the patron is entered on the card, together with the date of appointment.

The card is then filed in the desk box behind the proper date guide card. At the time of the sitting a statement of the account is recorded on the right hand lower corner of the card, showing amount paid, and balance due, if any. The size of the pictures, quantity, paper and style of mount to be used are also entered on the card at this time. The card also contains spaces for the date the proof is sent, the date of order and delivery.