Tank development and Seed Plates have solved the problem of perfect negative making.

Exposure, of course, is an important thing in the making of a perfect negative and the more latitude of exposure a plate has the easier it is to secure a perfect result. The latitude of Seed Plates has always been a feature of the brand and the Eastman Plate Tank and tank development give the operator the benefit of that latitude.

These claims are based on facts and are demonstrated weekly in the Eastman Professional School of Photography. At the school recently held in Rochester the instructor in posing and lighting demonstrated the latitude of tank developed Seed Plates by posing and lighting the subject and then, without changing the pose or lighting, making three negatives, giving the first two seconds exposure, the next four seconds and the last one six seconds. All were placed in the tank at the same time and developed twenty minutes. The only difference in the three negatives was density and this difference was slight. Prints were made from the three negatives on Artura Iris and it was impossible to tell one print from another, so near alike were the three negatives in printing quality.

To make the demonstration complete the attending photographers were invited to inspect the negatives and prints carefully and determine if possible which print was made from any one of the negatives. The invitation was accepted by several photographers but not one would venture an opinion.

Week after week this proof of Seed latitude and Tank certainty is demonstrated - substantial proof of all claims made for this method of negative making.

Now of course we don't advocate a six second exposure when a two second exposure is estimated as correct and the demonstration is not made with the idea of advising such an unnecessary abuse of a good method and good material, but there are times when your negatives are not all properly exposed - times when light conditions have been unfavorable or an error in the judgment of light intensity is made. The purpose of the demonstration is to illustrate how far you can go wrong and still be right when you are backed up by good reliable methods and material.

Another purpose of this demonstration is to prove the fallacy of coddling various exposures during development and the moral that cannot help to forcibly follow is - trust your negatives to tank development and use Seed plates.

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By R. M. Wilson Pueblo, Colo.

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Let your Christmas gift to relatives and friends be a portrait of the little ones in whom they are so interested. It will be appreciated.

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The Pyro Studio.

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BULLETIN: THE EASTMAN SCHOOL OF Professional Photography for 1910

Memphis, Term...............Nov. 1, 2, 3

Evansville, Ind...............Nov. 8, 9, 10

Effingham, 111.................Nov. 15, l6, 17

The Eastman School of Professional Photography closes a successful term for the season of 1910 at Effingham, 111., on the above dates and will again take up the work early in 1911.

Those photographers who have attended the school have found it a thorough and practical course conducted in an instructive manner - a course treating on both the technical and business problems of the day.

Aristo Motto

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1910 KODAK ADVERTISING CONTEST First Prize - Class A By William Shewell Ellis.

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Incorporating The Aristo Eagle

Established 1901

The Artura Bulletin

Established 1906

Vol. 2 DECEMBER 1910 No. 10

Here's hoping that the year 1910 will prove a successful one for you, and that the year 1911 will see you progressing with the progressive to another success. We wish every photographer a merry Christmas and a happy, prosperous New Year.

And don't forget to lay in a sufficient supply of plates, paper and chemicals. During the middle and latter parts of this month delays are numerous - delays caused by congestion in all lines of traffic. Avoid delays by ordering what you will need from your dealer now.

Now for the harvest. A busy month to come but a profitable one for those photographers who are prepared to handle the rush - for those photographers who have selected good reliable materials to carry them through.

Just because business is good don't stop advertising. The cut on page 25 used in a local paper will bring in those who desire group pictures. Send for it now, as it should appear before the holiday reunions are over.

We believe that every photographer knows the important part that chemicals play in the production of the finished picture - knows how utterly impossible it is to produce quality results on even the best plates and papers with inferior chemicals. To protect the quality of our plates and papers - to protect you from loss of quality in the finished results, we supply carefully tested chemicals. When you order from your dealer specify C-K tested chemicals and look for this mark on the package.