In the February number of Studio Light, we published the secretary's report of the meeting of the executive committee P. A. of A., held at Milwaukee, Wis., January 12, 1910.

Too late for publication in that issue we received the following rules and regulations governing 1910 exhibits:

Rules and Regulations

(1) Exhibitors are requested not to exceed three prints in their exhibits - no other restrictions.

(2) Application for exhibition space must be made to 1st Vice-President, G. W. Harris, 1311 F Street N. W., Washington, D. C.

(3) All exhibits must be sent prepaid to G. W. Harris, 1st Vice-President, Milwaukee, Wis., care of Milwaukee Auditorium, and must reach Milwaukee on or before July 8, 1910. Any exhibit not having express charges prepaid will not be accepted.

(4) The Association will not be responsible for any loss or damage to pictures in its charge, but special precaution will be taken by the committee to insure the safe return of all exhibits.

(5) No exhibits shall be removed from the hall until after the close of the convention. Exhibitors who desire to personally take charge of, or remove their exhibit, may do so only by permission of G. W. Harris, chairman of the Hanging Committee.

(6) This exhibition being a complimentary one, and the photographs being solicited with the understanding they are to be returned to the rightful owners, all exhibits will be returned to them intact at the close of the convention.

P. A. of Missouri

At a meeting of the officers of the P. A. of Missouri, it was decided to hold the next convention at Jefferson City, on October 11, 12 and 13.

The prize list was revised and an elaborate programme prepared for the coming convention.

Jefferson City being centrally located, with good railroad facilities and hotel accommodations, this convention promises to be one of the very best ever held in the state.

Fraternally yours, C. E. Keeling,Nevada, Mo., Secy. P. A. of Mo.

The Real Thing

The Eastman Studio Chair and the Eastman Posing Stool which we illustrate in this article are intended for skylight use, but are really valuable pieces which can be put to any use - anywhere - anytime.

Unlike the ordinary skylight accessories made of papier-mache or with the carved work done in plaster - this chair and stool are the real thing. Both the stool and chair are of beautiful mahogany finish, upholstered in Chase leather with arms, legs and back carved and shaped from the wood. The design is "English Chippendale," which is both artistic and uncommon. Something that is exclusive and will give long service.

The Real Thing StudioLightMagazine1910 32The Real Thing StudioLightMagazine1910 33

As shown by the illustrations these pieces can be raised or lowered to suit the sitter by attaching or removing the 2-in. blocks from the legs. These blocks are easily and quickly detachable and are so shaped that they form a part of the chair when in position and are unnoticeable. When detached the appearance of the chair or stool is unchanged except as to height. When the blocks are attached the seat is 2 in. higher than the seat of regular furniture and when detached the seat is regulation distance from the floor.

Now supposing you have a portrait to make of a woman possessing a new gown - which they usually do possess when being photographed - and you wish to pose her on stool or chair. She may be just a little too tall for a seat of ordinary height, causing the skirt to break too sharply across the lap. The usual remedy in the past has been a book or two placed on the seat, thus raising the sitter to the required height, but also raising her up out of the seat in an unnatural manner, making her feel ill at ease and uncomfortable.

The Real Thing StudioLightMagazine1910 34

With the Eastman chair or stool the seat itself is raised by attaching the blocks to the legs, and the sitter's comfort is not interfered with.

To retain the exclusive feature of this furniture we positively limit the production to 200 of each piece, and if you want this set or either one of the pieces, order early before they are all taken.

Your dealer can supply you.The Price Eastman Studio Chair - $25.00 Eastman Posing Stool - 15.00

The Real Thing StudioLightMagazine1910 35

The Eastman Professional School

The Eastman School for 1910 started the educational work of the year at Scranton, Pa., where a successful and well attended session was held. From Scran-ton the school moved to Boston, and received a warm welcome from the New England photographers who were there, from Maine to Connecticut, in great numbers. The attendance exceeded that of any previous Boston school, and this in itself is proof positive that the school is appreciated by the professional photographers of New England.

The same enthusiasm and interest were shown in New York and Philadelphia, the attendance showing an increase over previous sessions.