At this time we again call your attention to The Eastman Studio Register System. This system is now in use in hundreds of studios and is daily proving its value to the photographers who have selected it as a means of keeping a complete and accurate register and account of all business transacted with patrons.

Its simplicity is a strong point in its favor. The fact that open accounts are entirely separated from closed accounts and that all dead matter is easily discharged, are other strong points.

When put to practical use The Eastman Studio Register System has fulfilled every claim we have made for it.

We do not advise a change of office system at this time, as the next few weeks are the busiest of the year and any change inaugurated at such a time may cause confusion. Now, however, is the time to order this system from your dealer, and then use your judgment as to when to put it into use.

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The first of January - the beginning of the new year is a logical time to begin. Start the new year right, by introducing this excellent system into your studio.

For those who are not familiar with the nature of the outfit we will describe it briefly. It is a card system - a system extensively adopted for office use. It consists of a polished oak Desk Box and Transfer Box each equipped with the necessary cards. These cards are printed and ruled with special reference for use in photographic studios.

The price of the complete outfit, with directions for use, is but $6.25, and your dealer will supply you.

To Avoid Error

Our packing departments are most thoroughly organized departments for the packing of photographic goods and every care and precaution is used to prevent errors in packing. To make these departments still more efficient, we have devised another safeguard for tracing mistakes back to their source and correcting the cause of error.

Photographers buying plates in case lots will in the future find a heavy manila paper slip inside the cover of the case, printed as follows:

Canadian Kodak Co., Limited,

Toronto, Canada.

If the markings on this Case do not correspond with contents, inclose this card with complaint.



The blank space will be filled in by the packer's number and thus enable us to trace the mistake back to its beginning.

Co-operate with us in our efforts toward the absolute perfection of our service to you by using these slips, should error in packing occur. Stays where it belongs Eastman Permanent Crystal Pyro. A form of pyro which does not fly about your work room and which contains the acid preservative

All Dealers.

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