This washer consists of two compartments, one or both of which may be used at one time, and permanganate tests have proved that it will wash prints in less time and with less water (only 12 lbs. pressure being required) than any other washer.

The pipes supplying the water run parallel to the partition which divides the print washer, as shown in Figure 1. Each pipe is provided with a row of perforations on the under side through which water in little jets is supplied to each compartment.

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Figure 1

The shape of each compartment is such that the water entering on each side of the dividing partition takes on a swirling motion when the tank is filled, keeping the prints moving and separated until the water is turned off, thus giving them a thorough washing without danger of bruising or tearing the prints.

The swirling motion also prevents the prints from leaving the tank with the overflow, and a batch of prints placed in this print washer will wash thoroughly without further attention.

The print washer is to be placed in the sink and attached to the faucet with a rubber hose which slips over the supply pipe union as shown in Fig. 2.

The Rounds Print Washer StudioLightMagazine1910 186

Figure 2

No detailed instructions are necessary for the use of the Rounds Print Washer, as its great simplicity is a feature of the device. To wash prints just slip the hose onto the faucet, turn on the water and when the tank is filled put in the prints. When prints are washed turn off water and remove prints.

This washer is substantially constructed of the best grade of zinc, with brass and galvanized piping, and will not rust.

Height, 9½ inches; width, 23 inches; length, 20 inches. Capacity, 100 prints 5 x 7 or 150 cabinets or smaller.


Rounds Print Washer, $13.50

The Rounds Print Washer StudioLightMagazine1910 187

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