Just a few more pieces of the English Chippendale pattern Eastman Studio Chair and Eastman Posing Stool left. This lot is limited to 200 pieces of each and when exhausted no more will be available.

These pieces have gone into many of the better studios and are giving complete satisfaction.

The design is artistic and graceful and lends itself nicely to photographic portrait work, to say nothing of the adjustable height to suit both tall and short sitters. The height may be changed 2 inches in a convenient manner by simply attaching or detaching the two inch blocks at the end of each leg (see illustrations).

Studio Furniture StudioLightMagazine1910 147Studio Furniture StudioLightMagazine1910 148

This can be done instantly and the appearance of the furniture is not affected. The advantage of this adjustable height feature will be appreciated by those who have had trouble in posing a tall sitter in a seat too low, or vice versa.

This furniture has still another advantage. It is real furniture, not merely a skylight accessory. It can be used in any part of the studio and is both ornamental and serviceable. Both pieces are of beautiful mahogany finish, upholstered in Chase leather and exquisitely carved.

To secure this set don't delay but order at once. Your dealer can supply you.


Eastman Studio Chair......$25.00

Eastman Posing Stool . ..... 15.00


In your reception room you have a line of sample prints, showing, at different prices, the range of styles and sizes you produce.

When a patron or prospective patron drops in to see what you are making, and you display this sample line to them, start at the top and come down. In other words, show them some of your leaders - your best work first. They may not want to pay for that class of work, and if such is the case, they will probably hesitate before expressing themselves. Don't let them hesitate. As soon as you notice signs of hesitation, show them the next best style and watch for further symptoms, and proceed in this manner, downward through the line, until you notice that interest predominates their demeanor. When a customer appears to be interested, you have undoubtedly shown a sample that meets with his approval and which he can secure at about the price he is prepared to pay.

As you talk with each customer and are descending the scale of price, comparing and discussing the different styles, don't speak disparagingly of the style that brings the lesser price. If the customer can't see the difference or cannot pay the difference in price for the better style, he must not be discour-

aged in his opinion of the style which can be purchased at the more modest sum. Every style you show should be spoken well of and on the matter of taste or preference basis.

Never form your own opinion as to the price a customer will pay for pictures, as you may underestimate and not only lose the sale of the higher price style, but at the same time, the customer may resent being shown the cheaper kind. If price is a factor in the transaction, it is surely easier and safer to start at the top and come down - easier to sell a moderate price picture after talking high prices, than to sell a moderate price picture after talking low prices.

One more point that is vital. Have confidence in the merit of your photographs. Keep your sample line up to the highest standard of quality you can produce. Apologies for the condition or quality of any sample will destroy confidence in the patron, and every sample you show should be right, so that you can stand back of it with a feeling of confidence that will be transmitted to the customer.

A good line of samples for display, confidence in their merit, a sincere desire to serve customers to their best interests and courteous treatment, will yield the largest percentage of sales and build a substantial business on a firm foundation.

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By Louis E. Allen Rochester, N. Y.


We make but one condition in our offer of cuts for the use of photographers.It is obvious that two photographers in the same town would not care to use the same cut, and we are therefore obliged to limit this offer to one photographer in a town. It will be a case of first come first served. The first order from a city will be promptly filled. Succeeding orders (if any) will necessarily be turned down and the remittance, of course, will be returned. It is also obvious that we cannot, on account of the cost of the drawings, furnish any large variety of cuts at the nominal prices quoted, and therefore can offer no substitute cut. The thing to do is to get your order in first, as it would not be fair to give the man who happens to get in his order early one month, a permanent advantage; we shall book no orders in advance. They must always specify the number of cut wanted. These cuts consist of the illustrations only, thus making it possible for the printer to change the wording or the amount of space to be occupied by the wording if so desired.

C. K. Co., Limited.

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The may be near - he may be far away, but a good portrait of you will surely be appreciated and may bring one in return.

We shall be pleased to show you our wide variety of styles and mountings. An appointment for a portrait will be optional with you.

The Pyro Studio

No. 158. Price, 40 cents.

bulletin: the eastman school of Professional Photography for 1910

Rochester, N. Y. …......... Oct. 4, 5, 6