The first, second and third prize winners of Class A in our Kodak Advertising Competition, went to men who have won prizes before in these competitions. Moreover, all of the five prizes in this class went to New York and Philadelphia, and the winner of the first prize, Wm. Shewell Ellis, was winner of the first prize in last year's competition.

For this seeming favoritism we have no apologies to offer. The judges did not know, until their task was finished, to whom they were making the awards as the prints they passed upon were merely numbered. In no case did the name of the photographer appear upon the print.

When the awards were completed our advertising manager, who acted as clerk to the judges, took off the numbers, referred to his list of competitors and then told the judges who the winners were, with the remark that it was rather unfortunate to have the prizes go so regularly to so many of the same people in the same part of the country.

To this remark Mr. Geo. H. Hazen, of the Century Magazine, said: "It may be unfortunate, but there's one thing sure. It proves that your competitions are on the level. If you were playing politics with them you would pass the prizes around the country."

In Class B, Philadelphia is again twice represented, but the first prize goes to San Francisco, second prize to Ohio, third to Illinois, and fourth and fifth to Philadelphia. The only former winner to take a prize in this class was Mrs. Nancy Ford-Cones of Loveland, Ohio. Mrs. Cones has probably taken more photographic prizes than any other woman photographer in the United States.

The results in Class A are highly satisfactory to us so far as this competition is concerned. We foresee, nevertheless, that on account of the prizes having so often gone to the same people other contestants are likely to become discouraged. To absolutely offset this our 1911 competition will have a new feature no one who has ever taken a prize in Class A will be permitted to again compete in Class A, but they will be entitled to compete in the "Grand Prize Class,"which class will be open only to Class A winners of former years. The exact details have not been decided upon, but they will be interesting and fair to every competitor.