The illustration will give you an idea of the neat appearance of this new head rest which is a departure in head rest construction. It is highly finished and though light in build, it is thoroughly efficient and substantial. The base has sufficient weight to make the head rest rigid and to prevent tipping.

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The Century Head Rest

An important thing in the making of a portrait that will be natural in expression and pose is to make the sitter feel comfort-able and at ease. Clumsy and severe looking accessories fail to do so and should be discarded whenever possible to replace them with something that will assist you to a greater extent in successfully accomplishing your purpose.

The sitter feels no apprehension when the Century Head Rest is brought into use, as its appearance is attractive and it looks like a rest in the truest sense of the word. No clamps to adjust and tighten - just a delicate but firm rest ready for instant use when a rest is needed.

The Century Head Rest adds refinement to your skylight outfit and you will find it most desirable and satisfactory.

Your dealer can supply it.

THE PRICE Century Head Rest........$4.50


One of our demonstrators says: "The fact that impure Borax will cause trouble with Aristo paper is old, but it still seems new to some photographers." He then goes on to tell of what he has found in use. One form of Borax he finds labeled "Pure Borax," and thinks, if he is not mistaken, it contains iron as he finds portions of it translucent and of a greenish color.

Common borax will not do if results of the best kind are to be obtained. We could go on at length describing the different kinds of borax which give trouble and unsatisfactory results, but what's the use as we would finally reach the same conclusion only by a more circuitous route. This conclusion is - use pure Borax.

We do not know that we supply the only pure Borax, but we do know that the Borax we supply is pure. Why? Because like all our chemicals it is tested and must prove itself pure and dependable before being packed under our tested chemical label. Again - why? Because we must necessarily supply only the best and most reliable chemicals if we expect the users of our products to produce the best results.

If our Borax is impure Aristo suffers and the same applies all along the line. Each chemical must be of proper quality to work in harmony with our different brands of plates and papers, as otherwise partial or complete failure would result.

That's why you should prefix every item on your chemical orders "E-K tested." It is your protection as well as ours.

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From An Artura Iris Print

By O. L. Harrington Logansport, Ind.

Moline, III.