Nope, I aint dead, been away on my vacation and just got back. The Boss said I had to go early this year so as to get back in time to prepare for the Christmas rush.

I ast him was n't July a little early to begin getting ready for the Christmas rush and he says nix, that he'd been gettin' ready ever since January.

He see didn't I remember going to the Eastman Professional School with him, and went we going to the National Convention, an' if that went getting ready for more business he didn't know what would.

The Boss is sure doing a lot of fussing about the pictures he is goin' to send to the National - he says the fewer you exhibit the better they must be, an' that if he don't send the very best he can make, an' if every other feller don't send the best he can make, why pretty soon there wouldn't be any use for conventions.

The Boss got a funny looking clock the other day, had just one hand on it, and I ask the Boss how can you tell time by that an' he see when the long end of the hand points to fifteen and the short end to forty-five it's time to use Artura Irish; then I woke up that he was just kidding me, an' that the clock wuz a slick scheme for timing developing out paper prints, the hand travels clean around once every minute, an' you can see it just as easy in the dark room - yep, Eastman Timer, that's what they call it, our printers say it's a life saver.

Mos' lost my job yesterday, they wuss an' old torn cat giving' a concert on the fence back of the studio, an' I picked up some thing to land him with, us a little block of wood with a piece of copper on one side, and let him have it. Ne' day the Boss asks me had I seen the new Studio Light advertising cut, an' when he tole me what it looked like, an' when I tole him I had lammed a cat with it he used language. He said if he missed unis' that cut it would cost him more than he paid me for a whole year an' that if I wanted to hold my job I'd better find it - I did.

The Boss was talking with the head printer an' he seen to him, now I don't expect you to get one hundred and forty-four prints from every gross of paper, but I have figured out just how many you ought to get, an' I a going to tell you, but if at the end of six months I find my pictures are costing me less, you get more money - maybe you think the head printer is taking any chances, not him, splits seconds on the exposures an' tests all his solutions with the thermometer - the prints are better than ever, an' I'm beating on him to win.

The Boss says the best way to get a man to hustle for you is to show him how he can hustle for himself at the same time.