This class of work is not given the attention it should have by many studio proprietors. The field is unlimited and in most vicinities will be found very fertile, as it has not been overworked.

One studio proprietor in one of the smaller towns finds it very profitable to get out with a view camera and supply the demand for good outdoor photographs. He devotes as much care to finishing this class of work as he does to finishing his portraits and for this reason is able to ask and get good prices.

Then again we find several of the large and well known studios maintaining a separate department for view work, consisting of picnic groups, fraternal association groups, school groups, etc., all made out of doors - also architectural work such as construction of buildings from start to finish.

There are many manufacturers who would be glad to have a set of good pictures illustrating their plant complete but who will have to be approached by a reliable photographer before they will consider having the work done.

Church members especially in the smaller towns will buy pictures of their church suitable for framing, and residence owners everywhere will like good photographs of the home.

All of these people can be approached through the mails by a circular letter or better still by a neatly printed card or folder which will stimulate a desire for photographs of places or things in which they are interested.

If you wish to increase your income, investigate this field in your town. Study conditions - decide on the special field you wish to enter and figure out a scheme for starting things in that direction.

You may have a view outfit which will answer the purpose and then again you may not. Proper equipment is half the battle and one equipment we know of that is proper is the new Empire State View Camera No. 2, which is advertised on another page. This camera has been perfected by years of experience in camera building and is designed according to suggestions of practical photographers who are working along the lines suggested in this article. All dealers supply the Empire State View Camera No. 2, and it has been pronounced a complete success by photographers who know. It meets every requirement of the most exacting workmen and produces perfect negatives.

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FROM AN ARTURA IRIS PRINT By O. L. Harrington Logansport, Ind, Moline, 111.

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FROM AN ARTURA IRIS PRINT By O. L. Harrington. Logansport, Ind.Moline, 111.