I heard the Boss talkin' to the head printer the other day, an' he says, "if you want to get along you gotto be a good mixer." Now I find mostly that when I follow the Boss' tips I land inside the money and so, a little later, when I wuz on my way to the stock house, an' a nother kid bumps into me, I follows the Boss' words of wisdom an' mixes; I shoots one across, an' the other kid he comes back with a wallop that pretty near took the husk off my bean, an' put my right lamp out of order.

When I gets back to the studio, the Boss takes one look an' he says to me, "Young man, what does this mean?" and I tells him I've only been followin' his advice about mixin', and he says mixin' is all right when you don' get too far out of your class. The Boss says I wuz a shinin' example of what happens when you only get half of the story, an' that the kind of mixin' he meant wuzent nothin' like the brand I tried to put out.

The Boss says bein' a good mixer don't mean huntin' for trouble, but means gettin' out an' gettin' acquainted with your fellow humans - an' he says gettin' acquainted with the other fellow helps you a lot in gettin' wise to your own curves. The Boss says the more people you know the more people know you, an' that if you've been slick in knowin' them and in lettin' them know you, why, they are mosly apt to think of you when they want pitchers took.

The Boss says that you want to get him straight on this mixin' business an' not get walloped thru a misunderstandin' like I did. He says his definition of a good mixer is a chap that treats his family as if they wuz human, that stays on the job when there is things to be done, but that devotes a certain portion of his spare time to good fellowship, an' the doin' of things that is goin' to help every one in town.

The Boss says the successful good mixer is the chap everybody knows an' respects, an' that you gotto be mighty careful not to spend too much time mixin', or they'll jus' only know you.

I know the Boss spends a good many evenin's down town, to lodge, or to the city improvement society, or to meetin' someone worth while, but when he is goin' to stay down town, he phones to the missus so she won't let the steak burn waitin' for him, an' lots of times he sends me out with a quart of chocolate and verniller to make up for his not bein' there.

The Boss says a good mixer is a chap that can make a lot of folks like him, without seemin' to be workin' at it.

From An Artura Iris Print By The Holla day Studio Durham, N. C.

From An Artura Iris Print By The Holla day Studio Durham, N. C.