Every photographer knows the value of double printing in the making of better prints at better prices, but there has always been more or less uncertainty and inconvenience in the process to offset any advantages that might accrue.

For example, the photographer might say, "Yes, I know that double printed photographs are attractive and bring better prices, but time and extra work considered it hardly pays."

It is true that the making and registering of the double printing masks is slow work, requiring some skill and great accuracy, and beside this the photographer is, as a rule, limited to plain flash tints.

We now call to your attention our line of Paragon Border Negatives which we furnish in sixteen designs - each design being made in a variety of sizes. These designs range from the simple to the elaborate and comprise all sizes generally used in the making of portrait prints from 5x7 to 14x17. The line is complete and it is safe to say the size and design you desire can be furnished from the line.

Double printing with Paragon Border Negatives is simple and certain and requires but little extra time in printing. The Border Negatives with their corresponding masks are accurately registered and ready for use. They are fitted with raised guides or gauges in the upper left hand corners as shown below in illustrations A and B. This permits easy and accurate registering of prints even in subdued light.

Illustration A represents the printing mask upon which the negative is laid and print made. The print is then transferred to Border Negative B and the border printed, after which the print is ready to develop or tone. Illustration C shows the finished effect produced by the use of masks A and B.

Double Printing StudioLightMagazine1911 24

We also show herewith several other designs to give a slight idea of the effects possible by the use of Paragon Border Negatives.

Double Printing StudioLightMagazine1911 25Double Printing StudioLightMagazine1911 26

Remember there are sixteen different designs to choose from, including the plain square and plain oval - all designs which have proved popular and desirable for use in connection with photographic portraiture. To assist you in determining which designs and which sizes to order we have prepared a little booklet, entitled "Paragon Border Negatives." This booklet contains half tone illustrations of all the designs, together with sizes and prices complete.

Write to us to-day for the booklet or send to your dealers for it. It is supplied gratis and we want you to see the entire line.

Double printing by this method is little or no extra work and means increased profits for you. Get a copy of the booklet now.