This contest is now open. The rules and regulations have been published. We have also completed a handsomely printed Souvenir containing reproductions of the 1910 prize winners, together with reproductions of some of the purchased pictures, and practical applications of some of the pictures to our advertising. We will be pleased to send a copy of this Souvenir and a copy of the rules governing the 1911 contest to your address, upon application.

Don't delay action if you have decided to go out after some of the prize money this year. Send for the Souvenir and rules now - look over the pictures that won in last year's contest - read the rules and then get busy.

The pictures in the Souvenir may suggest a winning idea to you and the sooner you start executing these ideas the better chance you have of winning, for one idea brings another and the longer time you allow yourself for completing the set of pictures you eventually send in, the better chance you have of completing the set to your entire satisfaction.

Winter offers many opportunities for picturing the outdoor and indoor pleasures of Kodaking - fully as many as the summer months, and if you can illustrate a winter application of the use of the Kodak there is no time like the present for doing it, for spring will soon be here.

A feature of the 1911 Contest that will interest you is the creating of the new Grand Prize Class, open only to former prize winners. The regular five hundred dollar prize remains open to all other professional photographers, but is not open to these former winners.

Send for the Souvenir and printed rules now and get an early start.

February. Our Illustrations

The portraits produced in this number of Studio Light are from the Holladay Studio of Durham, North Carolina.

In the recent Appalachian Exposition the Holladay Studio won distinction by being awarded one of a total of three prizes in competition with about 300 exhibitors.

Two of the portraits which appear in this issue are from the prize winning group - the two subjects which appear in oval form.

A study of the reproductions is convincing proof of skill in posing, lighting and finishing and the success of this establishment has been built upon merit - the only permanent foundation upon which to build.

From An Artura Iris Print By The Holladay Studio Durham, N. C.

From An Artura Iris Print By The Holladay Studio Durham, N. C.