The next month or two to come will be quiet compared to the busy months just passed and it is during such time that plans for increased business and increased profit may be laid.

One of the opportunities for increasing profits which photographers as a rule overlook is the opportunity offered by the handling of enlargements.

You are making many good original negatives that will enlarge well with no work on the finished print except the usual spotting and it is in enlarging from such negatives that the greatest profit lies. Enlarged prints from poor negatives and copy negatives need so much hand work that the price of the finished picture is prohibitive and the margin of profit small.

Take a good original negative and enlarge it on Artura Carbon Black in the Matte or Rough Matte grades and you have an enlarged print which is equal in every way to a contact print - an enlarged print ready to deliver to the customer when mounted or framed.

Any good enlarging house will be pleased to put your prints on Carbon Black if you specify when ordering, or better still you can make them yourself.

We need not go into the details of selling enlargements further than to say that a few good samples at a reasonable price will appeal to nearly every sitter if their attention is called to them. If the sitter likes his or her order of contact prints they will surely want at least one enlarged print and all such business is increased profit.

It doesn't require a great outlay of cash to fit up an enlarging outfit and the profits soon pay the investment.

C. F. Townsend, Des Moines, Ia. 2nd Vice Pres., P. A. of A.

C. F. Townsend, Des Moines, Ia. 2nd Vice Pres., P. A. of A.

From an Artura Iris Print.

Frames can usually be sold with every enlargement and here is another source of profit.

We publish a booklet called "Enlarging" and this booklet outlines the process from beginning to end, giving diagrams, etc., of the outfit required and several plans of arrangement suited to conditions that may be found in nearly every studio. This booklet is free at your dealer's or from us by mail and a new edition, revised October 1910, is ready for distribution.

Get a copy and give this proposition serious consideration. Don't put it off for a day or two or a week. It is only in action that we realize the fruits of thought.