Me an' the Boss wuz openin' up some of the stuff we bot when we wuz to the Convention, an' I asks him why wuz he always buyin' new stuff like backgrounds when the ole ones wuzent wore out an' he says: You gotta keep up to date an' about three laps ahed, an' that jus' puttin' youre money away an' savin' it don' earn you nothin'. I tole him my ma wuz savin' my money for me an' that she kep' it in a ole stockin'. The Boss says a perfectly good stockin' may make a mighty poor bank.

The Boss says the only rele willin' worker, on the job twenty-fore hours a day, seven days a weke is money, an' that if we have any of it layin' aroun' idle, an' not puttin' it to work either in our business, or in the savin's bank, we're over lookin' the bes' trick in the deck.

I'm goin' to take that ole stockin' an' push it across to the Receevin' Teller to-morrer, an' get it workin' an' then maybe I can buy the Boss' branch studio nex' year.

Me an' the reception room girl's sister wuz to a ice cream soshable the other evenin', an' I spent atey cents.

I asks the Boss the nex' day had I ot to have spent all that money, an' he says sure, you can't afford to be no tite wad, an' that that wuz a legitimate (gee! that's some word) expens to be charged against good will an' advertising.

The Boss says that you can do two kinds of advertisin'. That you are - an' that you aint.

The are kind tells folks that youre in bizness, and got jus' what they want, an' that youre a good feller.

The aint kind tells folks youre in bizness, an' lets it go at that, an' it's mitey seldom that folks is goin' to spend their money or time tryin' to find out what youre advertisin' ought to tell 'em.

The Boss says that rele advertisin' pays, an' that if you fele that you don't know good advertisin' when you see it, pay some rele money to a feller that does, an' let him do it for you.

The Boss says good advertisin' is jus' as good a tonick for the man that owns the bizness as it is for the bizness, because the owner has got to live up to his advertisin'.

That if your advertisin' says you make the bes' pitchers in town, you gotta make 'em - if it says your studio is artistic an' refined you gotta keep it that way - if it says youre up to date in your methods you gotta fire out them old background with holes in the floor cloth, an' them old rickety chares, an' wobbly camera stand, an' put in the things your advertisin' says you have. I guess that's the reezon the Boss made me take the green laces out of my tan shoes, - I wuz too loud for my surroundin's, - diden' harmonize, I think he said.

The Boss says good advertisin' will make good bizness, but your bizness has gotta live up to your advertisin'.

Associated Photographers Of West Virginia - First Annual Meeting

The Associated Photographers of West Virginia will hold their first annual meeting at Grafton, W. Va., October 10th and 11th. The officers of the Association invite and urge the photographers of West Virginia and adjoining states to meet with them and promise those who attend, a programme filled with interest. Every hour of the two days will be taken up with instructive demonstrations and talks that will be of interest and a benefit to the photographer in his every day work.

The exhibit of pictures gathered from the leading photographers of the state as well as exhibits from many other states and several from Europe, will make this the largest and finest exhibit of pictures ever shown in West Virginia. This feature alone will well repay you for the trip.

Mr. Dudley Hoyt of New York will demonstrate, under the skylight, the methods he uses in making the beautiful pictures of women which have made him famous in this country and abroad. Mr. Harris and Mr. Towles of Washington, D. C, Mr. Fell of the Eastman Kodak Co., and many others will also make interesting talks and demonstrations and there will be a competent artist to make an impartial criticism of the pictures on exhibition from an artistic standpoint. Our space is too limited to tell of all the good things promised, but the officers of the Association will gladly give you additional information.

From An Etching Black Platinum Print By Elias Goldensky Philadelphia, Pa.

From An Etching Black Platinum Print By Elias Goldensky Philadelphia, Pa.