For some time we have felt that a plate of first-class portrait quality combined with high speed and selling at a moderate price would be well received by Canadian photographers, particularly at this season of the year when the days are growing shorter and the average plate of any manufacture requires exposures of risky length.

To meet this demand we are marketing a new plate under the name of Royal Special Extra Rapid.

In the manufacture of this new product we have borne in mind that to the average consumer a high speed plate has generally meant a product that had speed alone to recommend it, with a deficiency of those other qualities essential to the making of really good negatives under each and every condition of work. We have therefore seen to it that Royal S. E. R. is strictly up to the mark in every respect, as well as being really fast. It has true portrait quality plus high speed.

Royal S. E. R. is not an experiment nor is "fast" an empty claim for this brand. For some time we have been supplying them to several large galleries in which plates of other manufacture were being used on the very ground of high speed. These consumers are now buying Royal S. E. R. incase lots.

RoyalS. E. R. will make things easier for you when the light is poor by avoiding re-sittings. Make yourself familiar with the label shown on page 31 and provide against the dull days by getting some now from your stock house.

The price is that of the regular Royal brand which will still be on the market. Specify Royal S. E. R. in your order.

Azo Changes

To make the Azo line of papers as complete as possible, we have added Azo A Hard X in Single and Double Weights and Azo E Soft in both weights also.

Below is shown a complete list of the surfaces and contrasts in which Azo is now manufactured. There is a surface and contrast to fit negatives of every quality:

A - Carbon Matte: Soft, Hard, Hard X; Single and Double Weights.

B - Rough Matte; Soft and Hard; Single and Double Weights.

C - Glossy; Soft, Hard, Hard X; Single and Double Weights.

D - Semi-Glossy: Soft and Hard; Single and Double Weights.

E - Semi-Matte; Soft, Hard, Hard X; Single and Double Weights.

Post Cards supplied in A, C, D and E, and in all contrasts.

Zelta - the paper for the expression of individuality.

From An Artura Iris Print By Helmar Lerski Milwaukee, Wis.

From An Artura Iris Print By Helmar Lerski Milwaukee, Wis.

Odd Sizes In Stops

The desire for lenses of the utmost rapidity has led to the introduction of a number of stops of sizes intermediate between those of the regular series f.4, f.5.6, f.8, f.11.3, and so on. With these the exposures double at each step, so that if f.4 requires say 16 seconds, f.5.6 requires 32,f.8 64,f.11.3 128, and so on. The following are relative exposures for some of these intermediate exposures. If f.4 requires 16 seconds, f.4.5 requires 20. f.5 25, f.6 36, f..6.3 39, f.6.5 42, f.7.49, and f.7.5-56.

Eastman Double Coated Mounting Tape

Through an error, the price of this article was announced as fifteen cents per 100 feet instead of twenty-five. Even at a quarter it's good value.

The Century Baby Holder

There is probably no single inexpensive studio accessory that does as much to save time, temper and plates as the Century Baby Holder. It holds the child in an easy and natural position, and may be placed on a chair, a table, or on the floor, without danger of upsetting. The holder may also be held in the arm, a fold of the baby's clothing draped to conceal the holder, making it possible to secure exceptionally effective portraits of mother and child.

The Century Baby Holder StudioLightMagazine1912 190

The arms of the Century Baby Holder are adjustable both as to height and "spread," a wheel clamp at the back holding the arms firmly in any position. The holder is finished in weathered oak and the metal parts are oxidized. You'll appreciate it in the Christmas rush. Order from your stock house.

Long exposures are unnecessary on dark days - Use Seed Royal S. E. R.

The Century Baby Holder StudioLightMagazine1912 191