The secretary of the Scottish Photographic Federation has requested the Commission on Foreign Affairs to send him a list of the members of the Photographers' Association of America born in Scotland or of Scottish descent. Any information which will assist the Commission in completing the list will be gladly received. Address, Commission on Foreign Affairs, Photographers' Association of America, 42 East 23rd St., New York City.

Eastman Print Paddle

Prints are often stained in the fixing because they are not kept under the solution for the first few minutes they are fixing. The Eastman Print Paddle is used to press the print under the solution and hold it there. It has the proper curve to the handle to allow the paddle to lie flat on the print and a hook at the end to catch on the side of the tray and prevent the handle from slipping into the fixing solution. The Eastman Print Paddle is moulded of pure rubber around an aluminum core - is unbreakable, non-absorbent and acid-proof. Order one to-day. Your dealer has them.

Eastman Print Paddle StudioLightMagazine1912 182Eastman Print Paddle StudioLightMagazine1912 183

Wratten Safe-Light Lamp

Every darkroom lamp should be a safelight lamp, but all of them are not. For this reason the Wratten Safelights and the Wratten Safelight Lamp, which includes one of the Safelights, should become popular with photographers because of their safety and convenience.

The Wratten Safelight Lamp has the appearance of being in two sections, the upper one containing the electric lamp, in front of which is an opal glass and a light-tight slide to cover same when using the red light.

The lower section receives the light from above on a white reflector set at an angle to distribute the diffused light evenly over the glasses of the Safe-light. These slide into grooves in the lower section, and after they are in place, there is a hinged cover to close the opening and make it light-tight.

The Safelight is 8x10 inches, giving a surface amply large for examining negatives, and best of all, the Safelights are safe.

The Wratten Safelight Lamp is constructed for use with electric light only and includes electric lamp attachment with six feet of cord and plug and one Wratten Safelight, Series 1, for use with medium and extra rapid plates which are not color-sensitive, being supplied unless otherwise specified.

Wratten Safelight Lamp, . $5.00

October. Artura Iris E Smooth

There has been a large demand for Artura Iris E with a still smoother surface than we have been supplying. To fill this demand, we will in the future supply E Smooth in a perfectly smooth matte surface similar to Iris C, but, of course, the stock will be buff.

E Smooth will be found just the proper surface for very small heads, the grain of a rougher paper being objectionable.

From An Artura Iris Print By Helmar Lerski Milwaukee, Wis.

From An Artura Iris Print By Helmar Lerski Milwaukee, Wis.

From An Artura Iris Print By HeImar Lerski Milwaukee, Wis.

From An Artura Iris Print By HeImar Lerski Milwaukee, Wis.