Well, me an' the Boss haz got bak from the convention.

I kontradikted a awful kold down to Atlantik City, my bargain bathin' sute shrunk mos' up to nothin' when I got it wet, an' I gess I ketched the kold runnin' from the watter to the bathin' hous.

The Boss says I aint the first feller to get a chill after tryin' oute a bargain.

Me and Jimmy the printer wuz wanderin' aroun' the hotel where we wuz stoppin' and we seen a sine wot says "Elevator to roof garden." We thot land must bee awful xpensiv in Phillydelphy for the hotel to hav its garden on the roof. So we went up on it; twant no garden atall - jus' a plaise with etin' tabels. Me an' Jimmy wuz kinda rattled, one feller took our hats, an' it kost us ten cents a peace to get 'em bak, and another feller set us down to a tabel, an' we had jus' et dinner, but we ordered sum moar an' it kost us 2 dollers. Nex' day me an' Jimmy wuz afrade to get on a strete car without firs' askin' wot it kost to ride.

The Boss says investigatin' life in a grate citty is interestin' but awlso xpensiv.

The plaice where they held the convention wuz a reggler pallace; Gee! you otta seen the plaice where the Eastman Company had theire pitchers hung, rite at the top of a rele marbel stare kase, with marbel pillers awl aroun' an' velvet kurtins, an' karpets wot your fete sunk in 2 like the moss aroun' the edge of the frog pond down in Grandad's pashture.

Down 2 the other end of the haul wuz a big staige with awl kinds of whoppin' big kameras, an' every thing else for uze in the studio, an' all the Eastman fellers in thair wuz so bizzy talk-in' an' taikin' orders that they didden have no time to ete. One big fat feller in thair looked like he didden nede to do no etin for a weke.

One day we awl went doun to Atlantik Citty - that's whear I los' my bathin' sute. Lots an' lots of foaks vraz ridin' up an' doun the bored walk in big baby kar-riagis, with a man pushin' 'em. Me and Jimmy we road in won of 'em jus' like we wuz million-hairs, an' I don' blaim my baby brother no moar for wantin' to ride in hiz littel won.

From A Zelta Print By Elias Goldensky Philadelphia, Pa.

From A Zelta Print By Elias Goldensky Philadelphia, Pa.

The Boss took us in2 a big botel for sumthin to ete B 4 we kaim hoam that evenin', an he sed we kud ete onions if we wanted 2 Bkaus the bill wood taik our breth away (joak).

One of the plaices along the bored walk had a sine reedin, "Awl the sody watter you wanta drink for 5 cents." Me an' Jimmy went in an' tride to get even for wot we blowed in on the roof garden. I gess we did awl rite, but we had to go an' lye doun Bhind a bath hous' for a' hour afterwards.

The Boss says gettin' even sometimes haz a stinger in it.

Friday nite the Philladephy fellers gave us awl a party at Turnge - hoap - you - choak Hall -anny how, that's as near as I kan get to it. They wuz moar pretty girls thair then I ever seen outside ov the pitchers in Ma's fasshion book, an' we had sum etes. Me an' Jimmy wuz afrade to sit doun to the tabel (thinkin' of our roof garden xperience) but a feller tole us to pitch in az it wuz awl pade for. Long 'bout ten o'klok the Boss kum along an' put hiz arm aroun' me an' sed he wuz goin' to adop' me for hiz only sun, but he forgot to maik oute the papers the nex' mornin'. They giv us a big vaw-deveal show an' a danse, an' I bot a mornin' papper on the way hoam.

Funny how all the pas' Presidents loozes there watches - the fellers had to taik up a kollection an' buy won for Ben Larrimer. I ges tho' that sum of the fellers swiped Ben's ole watch firs' so as they kud giv' him another 1, Bekaus every boddy thinks a lot of Ben. Nex' yere we're goin' to Kansas Citty. I hoap we doan hav' to fite no indians.