Las' yere when we wuz to the convention in St. Paul I took my bathin' sute along, but the only chanst I got to ware it wuz the first 2 days, when I wore it under my regeler close bekaus it wuz so cold. This yere I'm hopin' to have a chanst at them boundin' breakers at Atlantik C'itty.

Where we live when I'm 2 hoam iz a swimmin' hole, but we don't put on mutch stile an' the waives aint morn a inch high.

I ast the Boss kud I go swimmin' when we go to Atlantik Citty, an' he says yep, only I mussent be kot by the under-toe. I asts him wot wuz the under toe and he says that's wot gets you when you get into a gaim 2 deep wot you don't know nothin' aboute. I guess maybe it wuz the under toe that got my waiges when our coon porter said he'd teech me how to shute kraps.

A few daizs ago me an a feller wot works in a studio down the streete had a fite. I had red some wheres that the feller wot gets in the firs lick haz a big chanct to win, so jus az soon az things began to get interestin' I bings him one, an' when I kom 2 I briied that hiz father wuz the boxin' instructer over 2 the Athletic Klub.

The Boss says gettin' in first is awl rite when you know some-thin' about the other feller's bat-tin' average.

I've been reedin' again in the Boss' cyclopeedy about the lives of grate men, an' I gess I don't stand no chanct of bein' grate Bkaus I wuzent horned an' razed on a farm in humbul cirkum-stances.

Last the Boss why wuz it that awl grate men wuz razed on farms an' he sed he gest it wuz B kaus if they wuz tuff enuff to stan' farm work all other jobs looked ded eezy to 'em, an' he sed a little farm trainin' mite maik it eezier for me to tote a package from the stock house moar xpedishously.

The Boss says that trier's lots of fellers aking to be grate men without doin' grate things.

The other mornin' I wuz standin' by the Bosses desk an' he grabs one of my hands and asts me whoze ded in my family, an' I tole him no one wuz. an' he sed he thot sum won mus be ded B kaus my nales had a mournin' border.

Don't you wish you had a photograph of your great, great grandfather? Of course you can't have, because there wasn't any photography in those days. But your great, great grandchildren can have photographs of you. And you owe something to posterity.

There's a photographer in your town, Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, N. Y.

The Boss says sope an' watter paze big interest on the investment, an' that if you are clene outwardly mos folks will talk it for granted that you are clene awl the way through, an' that that helps in any bizness.

The Boss tole me never to forget that so long as I wuz workin' for his studio I wuz part of the advertisin', an' that for my own good, if for nothin' else, I mus' be a good advertisement. He sed if I wuz slouehy an' diden weare no klene kollar, an' diden hav my shoos shined that folks wood think I wuz workin' for a bum concern, an' down wood go the gait receets.

The Boss says that you may be mitey good an mitey smart but you gotta be dun up in a good package to maik other fokes beleeve it.

I wuz reedin' in won of the papers about Philadelfy where the convention is going to be, an' it says Philadelfy wuz the hoam of Liberty Bell, an' I asts the Boss wot wuz Bell's las' name, an' he says it wuz a good thing that I diden beelong to him or he wood chastize me for my dents ignorantz, an' that the Liberty Bell wuz a rele ding ding bell, an' not no hizstorkical lady.

An' the paper awlso sed that in Philadelfy wuz the spot where Ben Franklin flew hiz kite.

The litenin must hav walloped Ben a good won to only leave a spot.

The Boss says Ben wuzent the only feller to fly hiz kite to hi and then find a kik in it.

Philadelphia, July 22nd To 27th

It looks to us like a big week - a very big week for the photographer who is going to attend the National Convention this year, and we can't see how anyone is going to be disappointed. We would like to be able to publish, in detail, all the information we have received from the Publicity Department, but our limited space forbids.

Philadelphia will open its arms to the photographers of this country in a most hearty welcome during the week of July 22, when the Photographers' Association of America will hold its Thirty-second Annual Convention. Philadelphia photographers are noted for their hospitality, and they have formed a local committee for the purpose of looking after and entertaining the visitors. The convention hall - the Philadelphia Horticultural Hall - is one of the most beautiful buildings in which the National Convention has ever been held, and as all the display booths will be built upon a systematic plan, with beautiful decoi-ations and palms, the effect will be a fine one as the visitor enters the hall.

It is figured that the attendance at Philadelphia will be the largest in the history of the Association, and with this in mind the manufacturers are preparing wonderful displays, and every corner of the building will be full to repletion with pictures, apparatus, and new notions for the photographer. The lecture hall, the picture exhibit, and the manufacturers' display will all be under one roof, and right across the avenue will be the headquarters hotel - the Walton. Never before have things been so convenient.

If you want to know what the other man is doing, how does this strike you?