Think of twenty of the best men in the business - along art, business and general lines - the twenty men you'd rather hear than anybody else, and very probably you will think of the twenty men that have promised to come to Philadelphia this July and give each a five-minute brisk talk, full of "meat" and the things they have learned by experience. We could give you a list of names here that would astonish you, but we won't because the old proverb says there is many a slip, you know - and it may just happen that one or another of the prom-isers may break a leg or get married or do some other foolish thing which will keep him away.

But twenty of the best men will be on hand, you may be sure, and they'll give you such value for your Convention expenditure that you'd never regret having attended the Big Show at Philadelphia.

Business men over the entire country are realizing more and more every day the importance of the word "Service" as applied to their particular line of business.

Do you and your employees realize the importance of Service in the photographic business? One of the real headliners of the Convention Program is:

A Real Business Talk By Frank Jewel Raymond

The Association officers made a ten-strike when they engaged Frank Jewel Raymond of Saint Louis to deliver a lecture on "Business" at the National Convention. This man Raymond is what is called a "business expert." He talks on business building, and has a right to, for he has made good in his own business. He has lectured all over the country, and has been engaged by the largest department stores to instruct employees in "Service." Retail Merchants' Associations everywhere have engaged him by the week to lecture on "Business Efficiency."

Mr. Raymond is a "backbone builder." He builds backbones of men, and in that way builds backbones of businesses. In his talk he is going to build backbones into photographers and their businesses. The aim of his talks is to help folks lessen waste, increase profits, and get more real joy out of their daily work. Isn't that the kind of talk that you want to hear?

He is an actor besides a speaker, and shows by actual examples how to approach the customer, how to interest him, and how to sell him. Here is a talk worth going a thousand miles to hear - a talk that will not only help you to have a better understanding of the best methods of getting business, but what is equally important, the way to hold the business when once you have it.

Foremost Art Critic Of Country Engaged To Give Public And Private Criticisms Of Pictures

At every convention there arises the insistent demand that some capable man criticize the pictures placed on display. The board have recognized this nerd, and in line with their efforts to make the 1912 Convention the best ever, have engaged the services of Sadakichi Hartmann. the well-known writer on Art Topics, and one of the best critics on pictures that this country has known. For three days he will be at tin-service of the members for private criticism. Very probably, too, Mr. Hartmann will give a public criticism, using the Bausch &

Lomb Opaque Projector to throw his pictures on the screen.

School Of Lighting And Posing

Another feature has been added to the already rich program for the National Convention. The "best is none too good for our members," says President Larrimer, and so he has arranged with half a dozen of the leading exponents of modern portraiture in the East to devote some of their time to a series of demonstrations in lighting and posing.

Most Renowned Pictor - A List Of America To Lecture

Every photographer who has taken a little more interest in his work than the mere daily grinding out of so many dozen photographs has heard of Alfred Stieglitz, the leader of the Photo-Secession, the leader all the world over in the pictorial advancement of photography. Alfred Stieglitz is booked to talk one evening before the National Convention, and while he has no set topic but steps lightly from one subject to another, he keeps his listeners enthralled with the charm of his words and the strength of his maxims.

A School Of Modern Pictorial Printing Processes

Ever since Elias Goldensky, searching for a better means to express the individuality of his work and style, showed the wonderful gum-prints that have been so much written about, there has been a quiet but growing desire on the part of more thoughtful photographers to learn the process of gum-printing and the more recent evolution, oil and Bromoil printing. Every detail of these processes will be shown, from preparing the paper to manipulation of the print to the stage when the individuality of the worker has full scope to assert itself. It will be a mighty interesting procedure, and every visitor to the convention should take time to learn these methods even if he cannot avail himself of them in his everyday work.

From An Artura Iris Print By C. L. Venard Lincoln, III.

From An Artura Iris Print By C. L. Venard Lincoln, III.