The fisherman who fills the basket is the one who keeps on a fishin' an' a fishin' an' a fishin' - especially when they at first refuse to bite - keeps on a fishin' an' a fishin' an' a fishin'. The advertiser who wins is the one who keeps on a adver-tisin' an' a advertising even if he does keep paying for bait. In advertising, stick-to-it-iveness beats all the clever schemes that brilliant minds have ever evolved.

When we started our "There's a Photographer in Your Town" advertising campaign we said: "Don't expect that you and we are going to get people into the desired habits in a day. Good work on the part of all of us ought, however, to begin, in a small way, to bear fruit in the fall."

So we are a fishin' an' a fishin'. Summer months, though "offseason" for studio trade, have made no halt in our plans. The July magazines will carry the copy shown on page 5. This will be in full pages in American, Mc-Clure's, Munsey's, Review of Reviews and World's Work, with a quarter page in Collier's. The July Cosmopolitan will carry the same copy that was announced for other magazines in June - the copy about father and his cutaway coat. There will be new copy in August and again in September, with a gradual increase in the amount of space used until we let fty a big broadside in December - just in time to help your Christmas business.

All this advertising is for you. It will help the general photographic business, but most of all it will help those who help themselves. And now is a good time to prepare the fall campaign, preferably by immediate and continuous advertising, but if you cannot bring your mind to that, at least plan what you are to do. Prepare the ads that you are to use later: get the matter of rates and mediums off your mind.

However you advertise make it a steady, persistent, insistent campaign. Don't let people forget that being photographed is a pleasant duty to the family. We are urging this in a broad way the country over. Yours can be the closer, more personal, more direct appeal that will not only convince them that the pictures should be made but at the same time remind them that you are the photographer in their town.