If you have a large number of prints to paste mount, you can save time by fastening a knife blade or sharp pointed piece of metal in the end of the handle of your paste brush. By so doing the handle of the brush may be used to pick up the corner of the print instead of laying down the brush each time and picking up a knife to use for this purpose.

In using the Artura Printer or in printing from a small negative in a large printing frame, as is often necessary in making prints with tinted margins or borders, the negative may be securely held to the clear glass with a small piece of adhesive tape at top and bottom. This tape may be used a number of times and will prevent the negative from slipping. The adhesive tape from platinum cans will answer the purpose.

Artura Iris, D and E, also Azo B sepia prints are very effective when waxed with Nepera Waxing Solution. If less sheen is desired the solution may be diluted with three or four parts of gasoline.

Apply with a piece of outing flannel and immediately rub off with another piece of the same material. The shadows are made more transparent by waxing.

The National Convention of the Photographers' Association of America will be held in Philadelphia the week of July 22, 1912, in Horticultural Hall.

February. Our Illustrations

We are pleased to offer our readers in this issue of Studio Light, a series of illustrations from the studio of L. F. Griffith of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Mr. Griffith is a young man whose ability has placed him in the front rank of the photographers of the Inter-Mountain States. The excellence of his work, his strict attention to business and courteous manners have won him an enviable reputation as well as a very profitable patronage.

Mr. Griffith does not believe in sacrificing quality for cost of materials. The quality he secures in his Seed Plate negatives is most faithfully reproduced in his Artura prints.

His success is a good example of what may be accomplished by ambition, hard work and a careful selection of materials of the highest quality.

From An Artura Iris Print By L. F Griffith.

From An Artura Iris Print By L. F Griffith.

Salt Lake City. Utah.

February The Only Condition StudioLightMagazine1912 35

Now is the time to have that group picture made.

Let us show you our special display of attractive new styles. We are perfectly equipped for making group pictures and will please you with the quality of our work.

Minneapolis, Minn..........March 5, 6, 7

Chicago, 111............March 13, 14, 15

Kansas City, Mo..........March 19, 20, 21

St. Louis, Mo...........March 26, 27, 28

Memphis, Tenn............April 2, 3, 4

From An Artura Iris Print By C. M. Hayesi & Co. Detroit, Mich.

From An Artura Iris Print By C. M. Hayesi & Co. Detroit, Mich.

Copyrighted 1912.

"C. M. Hayes & Co.