The Artura Iris prints reproduced in this number of Studio Light are from the studio of Hubert Bros., of Buffalo, N.Y.

Hubert Bros, were originally lithographic artists, but after a number of years experience in this work, decided to enter the photographic field in Buffalo. Their original studio, opened eight years ago, soon became too small for their growing business, and a new location was found. Their continued growth has necessitated still another change, which is to be made in the near future.

Our frontispiece, "At the Opera," is a reproduction of the print awarded the Certificate of Special Distinction by the Salon Board of the Daguerre Memorial Institute and hung in the Winona Salon. In fact the entire exhibit of Hubert Bros., shown at the Indiana Convention, were Artura prints, as is also all the high grade work turned out by this popular Buffalo studio.

Mr. Hubert says, "We would not think of using anything else," and the success of this studio is proof of his good judgment in this as in other things. Quality and Superiority are the only considerations.

Easy To Please

Mr. Scott of the Eastman Professional School received a very unique recommendation for Seed Plates. The photographer said: "I have used Seed Plates for over seven years and have never had a failure, have never had a proof rejected because I never show proofs, and have never received a dollar from a sitter for pictures. I always make two positions on a 5 x 7 plate and they are always satisfactory. Business is always good and I don't have to advertise. My specialty is men."

"Where is your studio anyway?" Mr. Scott asked, and the reply was, "The Police Court."

From An Artura Iris Print By Hubert Bros. Buffalo, N.Y.

From An Artura Iris Print By Hubert Bros. Buffalo, N.Y.

The New Headquarters Of Kodak. Limited. Kingsway, London. W. C.

The New Headquarters Of Kodak. Limited. Kingsway, London. W. C.

The location is on a new thoroughfare recently opened in the heart of London's business district and is particularly convenient to visiting photographers and dealers.

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Professional Display Rooms In London

The accompanying illustrations will give some idea of the new headquarters of Kodak, Limited of London and a part of the Show Room devoted to the display of apparatus for the professional photographer.

The building consists of basement and six floors, containing 77,000 feet of floor space, which is devoted entirely to offices, show rooms, stock and shipping rooms for handling the Kodak products distributed to the photographic trade of Europe. This building is located on the new street, Kingsway. recently opened in the very heart of London, a location that makes an examination of our products convenient for the dealers and photographers of Great Britain on their visits to the world's metropolis.

It is not in America alone that the quality of the Kodak products is appreciated. Large quantities of Seed Plates and professional apparatus are shipped to London for distribution to the photographers of Europe, in addition to the goods manufactured in England by the Kodak, Limited factories.

Our English business has shown a marvelous growth since the opening of the first little shop in Soho Square, some twenty-five years ago. An Englishman may be conservative but he knows honest goods when he sees them, and the prosperity of the Kodak Company, both in England and on the continent, is proof that its products have been tried and not found wanting.

There are some six hundred employees in the Kodok factories at Harrow, and several hundred more in the new Kings-way building, which serves as the distribution point for the Eastern Hemisphere for the goods imported from our Rochester factories as well as for those made at Harrow.

This new building, or rather the genuine necessity for this building, is but another evidence that good goods and good service will get the business in any part of the world.

The Amateur Finisher. Best Profits In High Grade Work With A High Grade Paper

Every photographer who has done amateur finishing knows that even the best amateur negatives are very different in quality from the negatives that he makes under the skylight. This difference is largely due to the conditions that the amateur encounters. The negatives being so different in character require a different printing medium - and there is one to exactly fit them - Velox.

For twenty years Velox has been made with direct reference to the requirements of the amateur. It fits his negatives and its blue black snappiness gives him the "clear" prints that he likes.

It has been demonstrated over and over again that the way to make money on amateur finishing is to make extra good work and charge accordingly. The first step is to use the paper that the amateur likes - Velox. He knows it to be a high grade product, a rrcognized first choice in the amateur paper field. He knows that Velox is not a cheap paper and if he knows that you use it for your finishing it will prejudice him in your favor - because he knows too that the people who buy the best paper are also, as a rule, the people who take the most pains with their developing, turning out all around good work. The steady growth in the volume of Velox business in the face of competition with cheap papers proves its unusual value. Those amateurs who do their own finishing use Velox because of its simplicity and because it fits their negatives. The biggest and most successful amateur finishers use Velox for the same reasons.

Velox will save you time and waste and give you better prices for your work - better net profits.