Christmas nite me an' the reception room girl's sister we went to a party an' I aight a lot of ise creme, kake and sider, an' missed the las' car hoam, an' she lives three miles from our hous', an' I felt bum the nex' mornin' so I thot I'd maik my New Yeres resolutions in advantz.

I type wrote my resolves an' the Boss he got a hole of them an' he says that mos' good resolves is maid the mornin' after.

I ast the Boss who invented resolutions, an' he says "Adam, just after he started in the sider bizness." He says since then the resolutions bizness haz been kep' up mosly by ole Col. R. E. Morse.

The Boss says the las' resolve he maid wuz to quit resolvin', an' that the feller that has to depend on good resolves to keep him goin' is a good dele like a feller tryin' to cross a krik on thin ise an' dependin' on the fish undernethe to hole him up.

Yesterday while me an' the Boss wuz in the stock room one of the printers came in an' says the water pipe wuz busted again. The Boss tells him to get a plummer an' hav' it fixed. I asts the Boss wuzent he goin' to kik to the lanlord bout it an' he says nope, and that did I ever notis that a kikken horse wuzzent gettin' anny where while he wuz kikken, an' that the bes' he uzually got wuz sum bumps razed on his spinal epizootic.

Betcha when the Boss pays the rent he'll grin and say to the lanlord, "Charlie, I had to make you a present of a hunk of led pipe las' weke" an' the lanlord will grin back an' nock too dollers morn the plummin' came too often the rent.

The Bosses wife says the Boss is a diplomat, an' I asts her what wuz a diplomat an' she says a diplomat is a feller that gets what he wants an' maks the feller he gets it from want to giv' it too him.

I'm gettin' too seventy five a weke now' and I'm wonderin' how I can work that diplomat stunt for a raze.

The Boss wuz fixin' up sum ads for the noos paper with the feller from their oftis when one of our competitors from down the strete drops in, an' he says "what you advertisin' in the dull seezon for?" an' the Boss says that's the anser.'

The Boss says that when bizness is good you feal like advertisin' an' when its slow you got to.

An' he says you advertis' to get bizness, so natcherly when bizness is dull you nede bizness an' you advertize to get it.

The Boss says that if all bizness proposishuns wuz as simple as the reesons for advertisin' that he'd been wearin' Rockerfeller for a watch charm yeres ago.

Las' C'hrismas the Boss give me a open faice watch so I cud tell when it wuz time to kum to work, an' this yere he gave me a dandy shoe shinin' outfit, a whisk broom an' 2 dozzen coders - he diden' tell me the reezon but I'm a good guesser.

May be if I keep all sliked up an' study that diplomat stunt I'll get that raze.

Timely Hints Temperature

If your gallery is insufficiently heated you are likely to meet with a peck of trouble before winter is over, through using baths of incorrect temperature. On page 18 you will find a suggestion for heating up the baths, but you want correct temperature, not heat alone. This is the time of year when you should use the thermometer to test every hath, for testing will avoid annoying delays in turning out your work. And any old thermometer will not do. Get a dependable thermometer. The EAST-MAN THERMOMETER, price 50 cents, is made especially for use in developing by tank or tray, and the STIRRING ROD THERMOMETER, price 60 cents, is doubly useful. We guarantee both to be correct. TEMPERATURE AGAIN Most photographic chemicals should be dissolved in warm water.

This applies particularly to sodas. Even if you can dissolve chemicals in summer without bothering about the temperature, remember that it is winter and the water is much colder. With a little attention to testing you will dissolve your chemicals more readily and get baths of full strength.

On Water

In a good many localities winter makes it difficult to get water in sufficient quantity and quality for general use. Some photographers think that good water is not a necessity, and there is a lot of trouble in photography due to using bad water - as in everything else. If, to get water for photographic purposes, you shovel up snow, it is certain that with the snow you shovel impurities which will interfere with the quality of your solutions. It is best to boil the snow and strain out the impurities. It is easy enough to cool melted snow. In using snow water, you should always test by thermometer so as to get the proper temperature.

Cleaning The Lens

A lens that is kept in a gallery in which the heat is not kept up should be cleaned before you make an exposure. On account Of the variation of the temperature of the room, moisture will condense on the lens and there will be a film on the glass which you may be unable to see, but clean the lens anyway. A little cleaning will save much trouble.

From An Artura Iris Print By Hubert Bros, Buffalo, N.Y.

From An Artura Iris Print By Hubert Bros, Buffalo, N.Y.

Enlargements from negatives made during December will have a ready sale in January or February.

Artura Carbon Black is an ideal enlarging medium. It gives the quality of a contact print.