My studio will be closed August 27, 28 and 29, as I will be in Des Moines attending the Eastman Lectures on Professional Photography. These Lectures or Schools have some of the best instructors in the U.S., who will teach us all the latest and up-to-date ideas.


The above notice inserted in an Iowa photographer's local paper, not only shows the interest of the photographer himself in the Eastman School, but also his appreciation of the advantage to be gained by impressing the mind of the public with the fact that he is a wide awake, progressive business man and is keeping abreast of the times.

It's true. Mother has had her picture taken rather oftener than father has - but even she hasn't been in two years and that picture will never do to send to Aunt Jane. She wears her hair so much more becomingly now - and anyway, it's high time there was another picture for the family collection.

There's a photographer in your town. Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, N. Y.

It is not only a source of gratification to us to note the great interest shown in these schools, but this enthusiasm on the part of those in attendance is a constant spur to greater efforts on the part of the men who conduct the schools, to make the lectures and demonstrations of greater help to the photographer in his every-day business.

The 1912 School is of far broader scope and interest than those of former years, and new material is constantly being added. The new lectures on Commercial Photography are of such great value to the average photographer that they alone would be well worth a trip to the School when it is in your locality. There are any number of difficult problems that are constantly confronting the man who is occasionally called upon to do a piece of commercial work. The work is very profitable and the volume of this kind of business can be greatly increased if you are in a position to do it well and encourage more of it to come your way.

Any number of things are sold by photographs, and the most commonplace article can be made a thing of interest if it is handled in a manner to secure the best possible result, and this is just the information you get in these school lectures on the subject.

You may think the particular line of work you are called upon to do will not be touched upon, and it may not be, but you will find Mr. Hance ready and willing to give you the information you are looking for, and you need not go away disappointed.

The same may be said of the lectures and demonstrations of Mr. Hazlett, Mr. Scott and Mr. Waide, though if close attention is given to each one, it will be found that there are very few questions which are left unanswered.

To those who have never attended an Eastman Professional School and are anticipating that pleasure, it may be well to state that one of the necessary rules is promptness. The great amount of instruction that is crowded into the three days makes this rule imperative. If a lecture is scheduled for two o'clock and you are five minutes late, you have missed five minutes of the lecture, and it may be just the part you wanted to hear most. Make your plans to be on time at all sessions and get all the good of each one. There's something of interest every minute for the live photographer who wants to keep a good length ahead.

Does every one xoho can read know you are the photographer in your town?

From An Artura Iris Print By Helmar Lerski Milwaukee, Wis.

From An Artura Iris Print By Helmar Lerski Milwaukee, Wis.