Advertising is not necromancy . There is no art of magic or conjurating about it and a failure to get results can be attributed to two things. The first is lack of thought or discretion and the second is lack of faith or stick-to-it-iveness causing one to get out too soon.

Under the first head come poor copy, poor mediums and poor goods. "I spoke before I thought" has caused a lot of trouble and lack of thought is also responsible for a lot of poor copy. You can't expect the public to take an interest in and read advertisements which have not interested you enough to have your serious thought.

You must create a demand. Portraits are not a necessity, consequently every piece of copy should have a selling argument - should create a desire for photographs, and you must make pictures that live up to your advertising. Once you have the goods and the copy to create the desire for pictures, you must have a good medium to reach the public.

Under the second head comes faith, or logic. If people have their pictures made once every two years on an average, you must advertise at least two years to reach every one at the time he or she is in the mood for pictures, and you can not tell the full extent of your advertising benefits under that time.

In advertising you can't place a seed in the ground, say hocus-pocus-presto-change and see a plant grow before your eyes in a few minutes. You have to keep planting seeds, cultivating the soil and waiting for the results. It's just the same process you would have to go through if you wanted fresh vegetables the year round and it's the process we are using with "There's a Photographer in Your Town."

The photographer is beginning to get results but we haven't reached all the people yet, so we are keeping up the planting and you should keep up yours. Keep on planting seed and cultivating the plants that are already growing. Don't get over into the other fellow's garden to pull up his cabbages for while you are doing that you are neglecting your own, and the bugs and weeds will get 'em sure.

It's not getting in too soon but getting out too soon that is responsible for the failure to get advertising results. Millions have been reading "There's a Photographer in Your Town." Stretch a string from that advertising to your front door by your own advertising and don't forget to say, "The Photograplier in Your Town." It makes the string that much stronger.

The advertisement reproduced on page 5 appears in full pages in the October issues of Ainslee's, Century, Everybody's and Harper's. November Cosmopolitan, issued September 10th, carries the same copy, and the Saturday Evening Post for the first week of October will carry a full page, but the copy will not be the same. It will be strong copy, you may be sure and it will appeal to the Post readers of whom there are more than a million and three quarters. Ask your Saturday Evening Post agent how many copies are sold in your town and then ask yourself if it wouldn't be profitable for you to use the same copy in your own local paper with your name attached to it.

Get in early on your Christmas advertising and don't get out too soon. With September and October the other merchants are well along on their fall advertising campaigns and all of them who have luxuries to sell are your competitors and are experienced advertisers - at least the successful ones are.

We are creating a general interest and desire for photographs in the public mind, but we don't make photographs. You do, so it is up to you to get the public into your studio and advertising will do it. Use good copy, place it well and keep it up.