Me an' the Reception room girl's brother has been bildin a arrow plain. Jus' as sune as we kan get it 2 fli we are goin' to B kom avvygators and maik a larg' fortchune.

The first arrowplain we maid diden' hav' no engin' in it so we Hue it from the top ov Bill Smith's cow barn - it wuz a sucksess B kaus it flue down, an' gaiv me a blak i.

The Boss says that that's the trubble with lotz of fellers - tryin' to fli B4 they reely kno' how to walk.

I ast the Boss wuzzent it a good thing for growin' yuths like me 2 B ambittious an' 2 aspire 2 grate things sutch as avvygators or Knapoleons ov finantz an' he sed that I had better Bgin aspirin' 2 walk faster if I wanted 2 hole my job.

The Boss says there's many a man drivin' a Dlivery waggon who wuz kut oute for grate things, an' fel' down Bkaus he started aspirin' B4 hiz hart wuz strong enuf to stand it.

The Boss seen me a reedin the diktionary the other day an' he asts me what I wuz lookin' up, an' I asts him wuz a man a lit-terary man if he maid hiz livin' with the pen. My Unkel Joe is a warden at one of 'em, an' ma always spekes ov him as a litter-ary man an' I wanted 2 get hiz Klassifikation.

Awl jooking acide, life iz a ceerious matter.

I had 10 dollers in the savins bank, an' a slik lookin' guy sold me a lot in Floridy to grow lem-mons on, an' tuk the 10 dollers az firs' payment.

I foun' out 2 lait that the lot wuz 10 fete under watter.

The Boss says that manny a feller plantz lemmons forgitten that he may hav' to pick 'em.

I ast the Boss wuz there anny chanct of my gettin' my munney bak, an' he sed that I'de better charg' it up to profit an' loss. I ast him wot wuz profit an' loss an' he sed that wuz wot wuz worryin' manny a nother bizness man.

The Boss saj-s that a good manny men in bizness figger that the profit an' loss akkount is a plaise 2 stik awl the things that they don't understan', hoping that the profit will absorb the loss when the show down kums.

Me an' the Boss has been in-stallin' a kost sistem, we alreddy had one but the Boss said it kost moar to run it than it did 2 run the bizness.

The Boss says sistem in bizness is awl rite if you aint got a ate horse power sistem in a 1 horse power gaim.

I seen the Boss settin' down somethin' aboute over hed xpens, I gess that's what it kosts you 2 keep goin' when you're in over youar hed.

The Boss says that what trubbles some folks with a kost sis-tem iz that when they find out what the goods iz kosten 'em that they aint got the nerv' 2 charg enufF moar 2 maik a profit. I asts the Boss, sposin the other feller kuts prices, an' he says that he don' want no eezier kompetition than the feller wots afrade that hiz goods aint werth wot heeze askin' 4 'em.

From An Artura Iris Print By Edwin Rogers Seattle, Wash.

From An Artura Iris Print By Edwin Rogers Seattle, Wash.