Even though the New York State Society has changed its scheme of government so that the President is only to preside at the meetings and is relieved entirely of the responsibility and labor of getting the Convention together, we find that the coming meeting is being referred to as the "Falk" Convention. They have united on the idea of making this the best Convention ever held in New York in order to do honor to Falk. They are trying to put the picture exhibit on the basis of the old Celeron days and the probabilities are that they will succeed because of Falk's very wide acquaintance and friendship with the "top liners" of the profession. There are definite promises enough already to insure a very strong exhibit from men who are not in the habit of sending their work to conventions, and yet the work of collection is only begun.

B. J. Falk President Professional Photographers' Society Of New York.

B. J. Falk President Professional Photographers' Society Of New York. From the Bust that was Modeled at the 1912 Convention by Cartaino Sciarrino.

The attractions will be in the line of the demonstrations of practical and tested photographic utilities. The illustrations herewith show the one that is to be explained by Core. When there have been two groups made and the best one has a head moved as in No. 1, it will be shown how to take the good head from No. 2 and unite them as in No. 3. This is only one of a half dozen good things that are already engaged. The date is Feb. 11, 12, 13, 14.

The Falk Convention StudioLightMagazine1912 197

No. l.

The Falk Convention StudioLightMagazine1912 198

No. 2.

The Falk Convention StudioLightMagazine1912 199

No. 3.

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From An Artura Iris Print By Edwin Rogers.

From An Artura Iris Print By Edwin Rogers.

Seattle, Wash.