You would not eat from dishes that were never given more than an occasional rinsing in cold water - no more should you use a plate tank without giving it a thorough cleaning at regular intervals.

By thorough cleaning we do not mean ordinary washing. A tank or tray continually used for developing will collect a corrosive substance which can not be removed with ordinary washing. This has its effect on the developer and the resulting negatives are apt to be fogged or stained and streaked around the edges. The developer has been thrown out of balance by the foreign substance collected on the tank and plate cage and development is slower and the negatives sometimes will not develop with proper strength.

All these difficulties are obviated if the tank is cleaned at least once a month, and as the cleaning process is extremely simple, there is no excuse for a dirty tank.

The method is as follows:

No. 8 Acetic Acid ... 3 ozs. Water.......3 ozs.

Place cage in tank, pour in the above solution, fasten lid in position and shake well. The tank will be clean in a few minutes, after which it should be rinsed well to remove the acid in the cleaning solution.

A clean tank is as necessary for developing as clean trays, and cleanliness in all photographic processes brings its reward in the improved quality of the finished product.

Three Grades

Double Weight E Azo and E Azo Post Cards will hereafter be made in three grades of contrast: Soft, Hard and Hard X. This gives a grade of contrast to suit the average portrait negative, the view or commercial negative, and one for amateur finishing. Single Weight E Azo will continue to be made in two grades of contrast: Hard and Hard X.

E Azo was originally marked semi-gloss, but as the pure white stock which distinguishes it from D Azo has always been more of a semi-matte than semi-gloss, we are now marking E Azo," semi-matte." There is no change whatever in the surface of E Azo - semi-matte is simply a more fitting name for the surface of this paper.

Eastman Hard Rubber Stirring Rods

These handy stirring rods are practically non-breakable, being reinforced with an aluminum rod running through the center. They will last a life time. Your dealer has them.