The plans for the thirty-third convention of the National Photographers' Association to be held in Kansas City, July 21st to the 26th inclusive, are progressing nicely.

The 1913 Convention will be one of the best ever held by the P. A. of A. The Executive Board have decided that the leading feature will be a working studio in full operation under talented American photographers. Here is an opportunity for you to see how leading lights of the profession handle an up-to-date studio. We are particularly favored in having at the head of this studio our old and tried friend, Daddy Lively, of the Southern School of Photography. Associated with him in the reception room will be a corps of experienced lady receptionists under the supervision of the Women's Federation and their President, Miss Katherine Jamieson, of Pittsburg, Pa. The names of the receptionists will be announced later.

George Graham Holloway, past president of the P. A. of A., and one of the real live wires of the profession, will have entire charge of the operating and retouching departments. He is now making arrangements to supply the very best workmen known to American photography to demonstrate methods of handling subjects. Arrangements have been made to comfortably seat five hundred people in the posing room, making it possible for everyone to see and hear everything that is being done. Artificial light will be used and the negatives made will be retouched, backgrounds worked in, and by use of a projecting lantern, thrown upon the screens with full instructions as to the methods used, etc. One of the most competent retouchers and ground workers in this country will be secured to do this work. Passing from the studio into the printing department, we find past President Frank W. Medlar, of Spencer, Iowa, in charge with four printers of National reputation continuously demonstrating the proper methods of printing and masking. A demonstration of air brush, wash drawing and finishing will follow, by the best artists we can procure.

The large Convention Hall in Kansas City makes it possible to put this feature on at the coming Convention for the first time. Never before has such an undertaking been possible owing to limited floor space. Here the large crowds visiting the studio daily can be handled with the greatest ease. Preparations have been made for visitors to enter the reception room and retire from the studio from the rear door of the printing department.

From An Artura Iris Print By Knajfl & Brake bill Knoxville, Tenn.

From An Artura Iris Print By Knajfl & Brake bill Knoxville, Tenn.

No long, tiresome lectures are being planned. Later announcements will probably reveal the fact that there will be but four lecturers of the highest type in their particular line. One will talk on business organization, one on advertising, one in the interests of the Commercial Federation and one for the Women's Federation.

The above is a mere outline of the many things that are being prepared to interest the live, wide-awake, up-to-date photographers who attend the Kansas City Convention. The following are usual features which will be better than ever. The exhibit is under the management of our efficient First Vice-President. Mr. Manley W. Tyree, assisted by Mr. Will Towles, Second Vice-President. Mr. Tyree will also have charge of the Congress and every effort will be made to make it more interesting and profitable than ever before. Special announcement of these features will come from the First and Second Vice-Presidents.

Much has been said of the entertainment in charge of the splendid local committee of Kansas City, and much more will be revealed during the coming weeks.

The Women's Federation Mill provide its usual interesting features under the management of its enterprising and efficient corps of officers. Watch for further announcements.

The Commercial Federation, which became a part of the National Association last year at Philadelphia, is preparing to spring something startling. The President and Secretary of that Federation are now working to secure features which will be of great value to the Commercial man, as well as an uplift to Commercial photography all over our country. Just at this time we are not prepared to announce their plans, but this feature alone will be well worth the price of the trip.

Headquarters will be established for every state desiring same and the officers of the various State Associations are requested to write President Townsend to reserve such space.

During the Convention a free and full discussion will be had on the question of a paid Secretary for the P. A. of A. Come prepared to give your opinion and vote on this proposition.

If questions arise in your daily business that you would like to have answered by competent people in any department of the studio, come to the National Convention. You can talk about methods of handling customers with the best receptionists in America and ask questions to your heart's content about lenses, background work, wash drawing, air brush, masking, printing, retouching and mounting. Experts in these lines will give you the information you wish. Lay your plans now. Advertise that your studio will be closed during Convention week - that you have gone to get new ideas to offer your customers.

If you want a vacation, come to the Convention and have a good time as well as a profitable one. See one of the best cities of its size in the country and visit its leading studios. To avoid the rush, send your dues in advance to the Treasurer, L. A. Dozer, Bucyrus, Ohio, who will send you a receipt and one of the most beautiful buttons ever issued by the Association.

In addition to all these attractions there will be the manufacturers and dealers, whose displays will eclipse those of all previous Conventions. They will exhibit in the most artistic booths ever furnished. There is not a photographer in America who can afford to miss this, the greatest of all Conventions.

(Signed) C. F. Townsend,