Me an' the Boss we Konvened at the Konvention at Kantzis Citty.

The Boss says the naim of the town is D-rived frum 2 indian wurds meanin' hot and hilly, an' that they kall it Kantzis Citty B-kaus moast of it is in Missoury.

The Konvention Haul wuz a whoppin' big plaise an' acrost one end ov it they had a big peece of seenery jus' like in the opery house when the Cherry sisters kums along. This i foun' oute wuz 2 represent the mane strete in enny wun ov our prosperous citties an' B-hind it wuz the wurkin' studio.

When you went in the dore you foun' a lot of good lookin' girles showin' how they sold pitchers an' they moast got my mele tikket B-4 I reelized that they wuz only jus' teechin' us.

They had a regler studdio with fellers maikin' negatives, an' a nother plaice whair they retuched an' printed - looked jus' like the Bosses shop roun' Krismus time.

Evvery boddy wuz talkin' aboute sum new stuff 2 maik pitchers on, I think they kalled it portrate flim, annyhow the negatives on 'em were grate, an' you kant bust 'em - las' winter I dropped a rack ov negatives an' evvery blaim' 1 ov 'em busted: gee He B glad when the Boss gets 2 uzin' this new flim az then all ov mi wurries will B oaver the Boss says a hole lot ov hiz wil B 2.

Sintz I hav' bin' goin' 2 Kon-ventions with the Boss I hav' bin' tryin' 2 lern awl aboute pitcher maikin' but sum times I gets diskuridged. The otther day I tole the Boss that their wuz times when I felt that I newer wood B no good at pitcher maikin' and he sed thar wuz times when he agrede with me.

The Boss says that the feller wot reealizes his D-fishinces has a chanct 2 get oaver 'em B-kaus he knows wots the matter with himself.

The otther day me an' the Boss wuz Kleenin' up the plaice, that iz he gaiv me the mentle suggestion an' I wuz followin' it with a broom an' dust kloth, an' we Kum acrost a funny lookin' ma-sheen stowed away in a Korner.

last the Boss wot it wuz an' he sed it wuz a lemmon he bot when he wuz knew 2 the gaim.

The Boss says it does a feller good 2 bite in 2 a sour one onst in a while, B-kaus then he knot only noes the taist, but awlso lerns 2 kepe away frum the trees they gro on.

I ast the Boss did he think it wuz dignifyed for a futchure op-perator like me to be sweapin' flores, an' he sed it wuz a blaim' good thing 4 a fellow 2 kno' how 2 do awl the things he mite sum day xpect sum otther feller 2 do, an' he sed he knew frum xpe-rentz that I wuz kuttin' sum ov the korners with mi brume.

The Boss says diggnitty is best in homepathyic doses an' that 2 mutch diggnity is like a littel feller in a big man's dress sute.

I gess a feller's got 2 gage hiz diggnitty akkordin' 2 hiz job, an' that if a feller feles that he kant do part ov his reggler days wurk B-kaus it's B-neath his diggnitty, hiz job is 2 big 4 him.